November 15, 2016


As a service to the students at Texas A&M AgriLife, COALS, and Texas A&M University, we started this bioinformatics job’s page. We now have links to over 3000 jobs from groups around the world and we are adding about 50 jobs a week. In addition to the obvious reasons, we created the site to help us track the key required skills across industry and academia to insure that we are preparing our students for success. The vast majority of positions require hands on NGS experience, training in bioinformatics (NGS specific), computer science (programming, DB, HPC), statistics/machine learning, and biology/genetics training.

All material on these pages is copied and pasted from the original job posting site. You should go to the original site to apply. We provide this site as a free service, jobs are posted as a service to our students and the bioinformatics community. If you object to your job being listed here, please contact us and it will be removed immediately. To add a bioinformatics job or any corrections, please contact me.  Dr. Charlie JohnsonData archive.

We maintain this website as a service to the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology community.

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2017-03-15  -  Bioinformatics Scientist 2 – Clinical Services Lab  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

The Illumina Clinical Services Lab is a CLIA/CAP-accredited lab that offers multiple tests based on whole genome sequencing - TruGenome Predisposition (Carrier) Screening and TruGenome Undiagnosed Disease Tests. This project involves supporting the software development group to aid and improve solutions that are currently in place. The team also seeks to add new capabilities to enable variant curation, classification and report generation, and also to improve our workflow/operational efficiency. [More]

2017-03-15  -  RESEARCH SCIENTIST/ENGINEER 1  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

The University of Washington Medical Center has an opportunity for an outstanding, full-time RESEARCH SCIENTIST/ENGINEER 1. The person in this role will perform analysis and development work in a state-of-the art research and clinical laboratory. Responsibilities include generating high throughput sequencing libraries and sequencing data, DNA extraction, performing cell culture maintenance and cell culture manipulation, basic molecular biology functions, placing and receiving orders for the lab, and maintaining lab stocks and the general lab environment. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Research Fellow Phd – (3035728)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

Psychosis Neurobiology Laboratory, Psychotic Disorders Division (McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School) is seeking a research scientist to perform neurophysiological and computational modeling analyses of psychiatric diseases – acquiring and analyzing an array of biological and behavioral data to better understand the mechanisms and recovery trajectories for severe mental illness, particularly bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Computational Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

Will provide leadership in computational analysis of or the logical and technical processes necessary for building analyses of phenome, metabolome, glycome, lipidome, inflamome, transcriptome, epigenome, and genome, as well as in the integration of such with electronic medical record platforms. He or she will also have a proven academic track record of innovation in one or more these. The computational and database systems developed by the applicant will be used to gather, generate, and track patient data and develop medically actionable hypotheses.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Director, Computational Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

Responsibilities include taking raw and/or normalized deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) seq or array data from large cooperative group studies, examine for sample outliers (R2 values) and then analyze using gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA), independent practice associate (IPA), and any other platform that is relevant. [More]

2017-03-15  -  System Analyst, Level 1 (SQL / Java / Perl)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

Clinical Virology Bioinformatics needs an additional resource to support software development and data analysis activities for our data systems. These data systems provide batch data processing for clinical and non-clinical results, data reporting to regulatory agencies, and scientific analyses for research efforts and manuscripts. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Research Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

The Division of Clinical Pharmacology in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Utah School of Medicine, has an immediate opening for a Research Analyst. The Research Analyst is responsible for assisting with design and management of research projects within the area of active research of the Principal Investigator/Supervisor. [More]

2017-03-15  -  #86995 Bioinformatics Scientist, UCSD Ctr for Epigenomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-16)

Under the direction of the Associate Director of Epigenomics, the Bioinformatics Scientist will combine expertise in programming, informatics, and biology to make independent, original contributions to the design and implementation of research studies. We seek a candidate who is enthusiastic about working in a dynamic “start-up” atmosphere similar to what might be found in the biotechnology sector, yet within a vibrant academic research University. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Bioinformatics Scientist 1 – Population & Medical Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Population and Medical Genomics group develops tools used to sequence populations and identify genetic causes of rare diseases. They are seeking an exceptional individual to be part of the bioinformatics team in the Center for Population and Medical Genomics to help develop and bring these tools to market.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Asst/Assoc In Research- Bioinformatics Data Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

This position will provide active support for ongoing institute activities, especially the TEDDY type 1 diabetes study. Opportunities exist for proving support for other NIH-funded and privately funded type 1 diabetes research and disease prevention projects. The institute works in partnership with experts in metabolomics, microbiome/viral metagenomics, gene expression, proteomics, next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and longitudinal repeated measure analytics.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Principal Data Scientist Architect Job  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

We're looking for a Principal Data Scientist to be part of our Business Network team and help draw insights from one of the biggest B2B data stores in the world. A key trait to be successful in this role is to have a love for data and utilize it to solve critical problems and deliver end user value. You will create predictive models, extract insights from data. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Principal Scientist, Bioinformatics (158347)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

Our Bioinformatics group supports the Immunology and Immuno-Oncology departments from target discovery through clinical biomarker analysis. We’re part of Global Early Development, a multi-disciplinary department that also includes Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics, Drug Disposition, and Modeling & Simulation. You will have the opportunity to expand their drug development skills by collaborating with and learning from experts across all of these areas. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Bioinformatics Data Specialist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

AncestryDNA is seeking a motivated, collaborative and talented Bioinformatics Data Specialist with experience organizing and maintaining genomic data and metadata for use in advanced genomics pipelines. Working with a diverse team of geneticists, statisticians, computer scientists and epidemiologists, the Bioinformatics Data Specialist will develop and implement tools and pipelines for integrating and managing our singular and enormous data set of genotypes... [More]

2017-03-15  -  Bioinformatics Specialist I – (3035102)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The candidate should be highly trained and have substantial experience in genomics, bioinformatics, computational biology, human population genetics, biostatistics, or a related field. He or she should have experience analyzing high-throughput genomic datasets derived from microarray and/or other high-throughput technologies (e.g., experience with GWAS, gene expression, ChIP-Seq, ChIP-chip, or CNVs) and skills in some of the following programming languages (R / Bioconductor, Matlab, SQL, SAS, Perl, Python, Java, or C/C++).  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Biomarker Data Curator  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Oncology Biomarker Development (OBD) department seeks a motivated and highly organized data curator to support the development of oncology therapeutics and companion diagnostics by curating biomarker data and preparing data assets for upload into our rapidly growing catalog.Expected to work collaboratively to build and maintain standardized tools and processes for data curation. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Software Engineer II (C#, .NET, T-SQL )  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

Clinical Diagnostic company is seeking software developers to join the Applied Genomics Software Engineering team. As part of this team, you will develop online software for DNA and RNA array analysis solutions.Responsibilities: Work with a team to develop features for existing service-oriented, multi-threaded .net application using C# and object oriented programming.; Add functionality to WCF (SOAP, REST) web services and integrate external APIs... [More]

2017-03-15  -  Post Doctoral Associate (Bioinformatics)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine's Department of Human Genetics and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has an exciting opportunity for a Post-Doctoral Associate in the Figueroa lab. This position will investigate the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic regulation of cancer, with particular focus on normal and malignant hematopoiesis.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Data Scientist, Natural Language Processing  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

KPMG is currently seeking a Data Scientist to join our Advanced Data Analytics team. Responsibilities: Utilize statistical natural language processing to mine unstructured data, and create insights; analyze and model structured data using advanced statistical methods and implement algorithms and software needed to perform analyses; Build document clustering, topic analysis, text classification, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and part-of-speech tagging methods for unstructured and semi-structured data... [More]

2017-03-15  -  Senior Bioinformatician (NGS)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

As a Senior Bioinformatician, you will be a key member of the team with the opportunity to develop and enhance new bioinformatics pipeline, which analyzes large data sets of microbiology samples and applies comparative genomics from next generation sequencing technologies to determine strain typing and microbial identification. This is an excellent bioinformatics opportunity to work in a cutting edge genomics group. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Intellectual Property Counsel  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The energy and culture at Proteus is a contagious mix of passion, focus, relentless determination, and serious fun. Proteans are mission-minded and collaborate in a way that’s refreshingly encouraging. With all of this comes success and then growth, which is why you’re reading this now because we are seeking an experienced Intellectual Property Counsel. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Bioinformatics Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

We are seeking an experienced bioinformatics scientist proficient in computational and statistical techniques to develop novel computational approaches for analysis of next generation DNA sequencing data. We are seeking an experienced bioinformatics scientist proficient in computational and statistical techniques to develop novel computational approaches for analysis of next generation DNA sequencing data. Duties: Independently develop novel approaches to analyzing genomic data... [More]

2017-03-15  -  Postdoctoral Associate (Plant Bioinformatics)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Fei Research Group is seeking enthusiastic, highly motivated postdoctoral researchers with a strong plant genomics and bioinformatics background, to work on multiple funded plant genomics projects. he candidates are expected to develop genomics and bioinformatics programs to analyze high-throughput data to 1) elucidate the structure and evolution of genomes of important crops; 2) elucidate the genomic basis of the evolution and domestication of important agronomic traits in different crops; 3) identify novel functional modules involved in regulating important biological processes.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Assistant Research Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

Conduct research related to bioinformatics. This will include leading genomic and small RNA pathway studies in the area of virus-vector interaction. This will involve, at a minimum, analysis of sequence data and development of algorithms, statistical methods and/or scientific software; Manage next generation sequencing (NGS) projects... [More]

The development and implementation of cutting-edge IT and database solutions for the PPBC represents a major strategic priority for the Center. The software engineer/programmer recruitment seeks to expand this expertise within the Center.Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Performs software development, programming, and support for the PPBC; Develops, maintains, and expands functionality of existing and to be developed biobank database systems... [More]

2017-03-15  -  Senior Application Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

BBG Management Corporation has an opportunity for a Senior Application Engineer in Cambridge, MA. The ideal candidate will obtain a position with an up-and-coming company that is innovating the future of biomedical technology solutions. BBG Management Corporation has an opportunity for a Senior Application Engineer in Cambridge, MA. The ideal candidate will obtain a position with an up-and-coming company that is innovating the future of biomedical technology solutions.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Senior Software Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

BBG Management Corporation has an opportunity for a Senior Application Engineer in Cambridge, MA. The ideal candidate will obtain a position with an up-and-coming company that is innovating the future of biomedical technology solutions. Responsibilities: Ensuring the design and delivery of the companys main software/tool; Working as part of a diverse team of engineers, researchers, and developers... [More]

2017-03-15  -  Assistant/Associate Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai is seeking a talented, motivated, and passionate individual to drive leading edge research and development as part of the Cancer Genomics and Clinical Genome Informatics groups. You will become part of an interdisciplinary team of bioinformaticians, geneticists, molecular and cell biologists, “big data” scientists, and clinicians engaged in translational research and clinical projects across multiple disease areas.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

Community Care Behavioral Health has an exciting opportunity available as a Scientist. The scientist works independently using a robust math toolbox to discover solutions for a diverse portfolio of interesting and challenging problems. The scientist develops, implements, and monitors advanced analytic, medical informatics, and predictive modeling tools for health care programs at the UPMC Health Plan.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Program Manager  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

You will interact with diverse external stakeholders, from executive level to technical staff at organizations ranging from federal governments and large pharmaceutical companies to academic, nonprofit and biotech organizations; You will define the priorities, guide decisions, and eliminate road blocks to enable the team to build the products to transform biomedical research.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Ontology Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Ontology group is responsible for QIAGEN's large, high-quality Knowledge Base of biological concepts, and its use to integrate content curated from the literature and public databases into our customer applications. As a member of this group, you will join a dynamic cross-functional team composed of biologists, ontologists, bioinformaticians and software engineers working on truly cutting-edge technology. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Data Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

Nuna’s Data Science team is focused on the development of smarter, data-driven healthcare policy. We come from fields such as biomedical informatics, health economics, statistics, and epidemiology, with a shared passion for research, experimentation, trial and—of course—error, measurement, learning, and improving.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  BIOINFORMATICIAN II – (T44123)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

To participate in research activities involved in the analysis of Next Generation sequence data such as data derived from genomics and transcriptomics studies as well as microbiome analysis. To evaluate, design and build informatic tools such as databases, analytical tools and service resources.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Algorithm Development Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Human Identification Division (HID is looking to hire an algorithm development engineer who can help us solve complex technical problems with ingenuity and simplicity. In this role you will be a member of a team developing state of the art systems for different DNA based Human identification applications that are used by forensic labs all over the world.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  Sr Scientific Project Coordinator  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Eukaryotic Pathogen Database resource seeks to fill six positions in support of an expansion project in the areas of clinical and epidemiological data integration and mining. The goal of this exciting initiative is to leverage existing strengths in the integration and analysis of pathogen genomics and functional data... [More]

2017-03-15  -  BIOINFORMATICS PROGRAMMER – MAHONY LAB  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The research laboratory of Dr. Shaun Mahony, in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, seeks undergraduate student applicants for a 2017 summer semester bioinformatics programmer position. Duties will include assisting in the development of bioinformatics applications for analyzing and visualizing large collections of genomic datasets.  [More]

2017-03-15  -  DATA CURATOR  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Data Curator conducts acquisition and disposition activities related to biomedical data. Such data may be collected from various sources, in diverse formats, using different modalities. He/She supports the specification, acquisition, organization, checking and annotation of said data using specified standards, thus ensuring high quality and QC’d data are cataloged and stored in a defined location or system.  [More]

We are looking for a motived individual to join our lab as a Postdoctoral Fellow to study RNA regulation by epigenetics and in single cells using computational approaches.He/she will use Bioinformatics and Computational Biology techniques to study regulation of RNA processing by epigenetic mechanisms and in single cells. [More]

2017-03-15  -  Data Scientist – Machine Learning  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

Piper Enterprise Solutions is seeking a Data Scientist with machine learning experience to join a growing bioinformatics company in the Raleigh-Durham area. The Data Scientist will be responsible for working with large, complex data sets to solve problems, creating then applying advanced statistical models, and working alongside development teams. [More]

2017-03-14  -  Biostatistician – II  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Department of Bioinformatics is seeking a highly-motivated bioinformatics data analyst to perform bioinformatic data analysis and application development. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment to support clinical development programs with a focus on analyzing NGS sequencing data and contributing to web application development. [More]

2017-03-14  -  Postdoc in machine learning, medical imaging, image processing, MRI  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Computational Radiology Laboratory (CRL) at Boston Children’s Hospital is seeking postdoctoral research fellows to develop image processing and machine learning methods for medical imaging in projects funded by the National Institutes of Health.Minimum requirements: PhD in computer science, electrical or biomedical engineering, medical physics, or a related field ... [More]

2017-03-14  -  SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING PROF SPEC  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

A biologist with bioinformatics / computer programming experience or a computer scientist with bioinformatics / biology experience to join a large team working on highly visible web resources for malaria and related diseases . he Application Developer will interface with scientists to acquire data (e.g. genomic, functional genomic, systems biology and clinical studies) and build¬ tools to load these data into a relational database, integrating these data with existing 'omics' data.  [More]

2017-03-14  -  BIOINFORMATICIAN I  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The Bioinformatician I manages and organizes large databases, and conducts statistical and genomic analysis. Uses software to gather, store, manipulate and analyzes research data. The Bioinformatician I will work with a group of researchers/biologists on innovative genomic analyses of structural variation, epigenetics, and gene expression in an integrated environment combining experimental and bioinformatic approaches to human disease.  [More]

2017-03-14  -  Associate Computational Biologist – Data Science  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented individual with a computational background to join the Cancer Data Science team. You will collaborate with scientists and engineers in a collegial work environment characterized by informality and intellectual rigor. By applying your computational and modeling skills to multimodal cancer data, you will drive the generation and testing of hypotheses leading to new biological insights. [More]

2017-03-14  -  #86574 Sr. Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

The position will be establishing a cloud-based repository, resource and analytical platform for high-throughput genetic and epigenome data to inform genetic and biological discovery in studies of diabetes. This effort will form one component of a collaborative project between four principal investigators and associated researchers at UCSD. [More]

2017-03-14  -  SOFTWARE ENGINEER II  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

We're seeking strong highly motivated software engineers for our analytics engine involving the work of supporting new distributed platforms like Spark and state-of-art machine learning techniques. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in one or more of the following technologies: C++ programming; distributed systems; Hadoop MapReduce/Spark; machine learning; test automation systems.  [More]

2017-03-14  -  Principal Scientist, Translational Medicine  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

Our client is a global pharmaceutical company. They have asked us to assist them in their search for an Principal Scientist, Translational Medicine. Major tasks and responsibilities will include: Provides exceptional scientific and strategic leadership to understand molecular heterogeneity of human respiratory diseases and apply this knowledge to aid development of the company’s portfolio for asthma and COPD...  [More]

2017-03-14  -  HEAD OF BIOINFORMATICS, STATISTICS, & ANALYSIS  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-15)

We are seeking passionate and talented individuals to join us in realizing our mission, which has the potential to dramatically reduce the global burden of cancer.n this role, you’ll build a team at the forefront of modern genomics to set the company’s research directions in bioinformatics, associated pipeline development, and statistical methods. You will develop and execute statistical analysis plans operating across GRAIL’s data sets, public data, and data from collaborators in academia and industry.  [More]

2017-03-14  -  Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-14)

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics in Feinberg School of Medicine is seeking Bioinformaticains for the Shilatifard lab to support current Next Generation Sequencing projects with datasets including ChIP-seq, Total RNA-seq, Nascent RNA-seq, and GRO-seq. This position will use current open source software in conducting data analysis for a next generation sequencing system at basic or advanced level.  [More]

2017-03-14  -  Principal Scientist I, Bioinformatics Applications, Sequencing  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-14)

Roche Sequencing Solutions (RSS) is seeking a talented software engineer to develop bioinformatics tools for infectious disease applications. Are you a self-driven and adaptable software engineer who can address the demands of technology development, and production software? Are you excited about working with a group of scientists and engineers to bridge the gap between genetic research and in-vitro diagnostics? [More]

2017-03-14  -  Software Engineer-Portals  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-03-14)

As part of our continued growth, we are looking for someone to join our team that can help deliver solutions to make our insights available to a larger audience. Working closely with our Analytics, DevOps, Data Services, and Sales teams, you will build the interfaces that bring GNS Healthcare’s advanced analytics into the hands of our customers. [More]

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