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As a service to the students at Texas A&M AgriLife, COALS, and Texas A&M University, we started this bioinformatics job’s page. We now have links to over 3000 jobs from groups around the world and we are adding about 50 jobs a week. In addition to the obvious reasons, we created the site to help us track the key required skills across industry and academia to insure that we are preparing our students for success. The vast majority of positions require hands on NGS experience, training in bioinformatics (NGS specific), computer science (programming, DB, HPC), statistics/machine learning, and biology/genetics training.

All material on these pages is copied and pasted from the original job posting site. You should go to the original site to apply. We provide this site as a free service, jobs are posted as a service to our students and the bioinformatics community. If you object to your job being listed here, please contact us and it will be removed immediately. To add a bioinformatics job or any corrections, please contact me.  Dr. Charlie JohnsonData archive.

We maintain this website as a service to the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology community.

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2017-09-20  -  Bioinformatics and Database Specialist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

The Bioinformatics R&D Group in the Microarray business unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific seeks a talented individual with extensive experience with relational databases and excellent bioinformatics domain knowledge. The successful candidate will curate data in a large, relational database for genomic research and will drive the acquisition of information from both internal and public sources. [More]

2017-09-20  -  Bioinformatics/Research Computing Specialist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

Data7 Institute seeks a Bioinformatics/Research Computing Specialist. Duties & Responsibilities: Analyze bioinformatics data using software packages, statistical applications, or data mining techniques, including genome scale de novo sequence assembly, sequence alignment, RNASeq differential expression analysis and functional annotation... [More]

2017-09-20  -  Executive Director, Yale Center for Biomedical Data Science  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

The Executive Director for Yale Center for Biomedical Data Science will be responsible for the daily collaborative, education, and outreach operations of the center and will be appointed in the Research Scientist track of the Yale School of Medicine. He/she will be the ambassador of the center and have responsibilities... [More]

2017-09-20  -  Postdoc and PhD positions in bioinformatis / computational biology  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

Postdoctoral research associates in bioinformatics / computational biology are sought in the group of Prof. Yang Shen in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. The topic involves algorithm development and application for mechanistic studies of disease-associated mutational effects on proteins and protein interactions [More]

2017-09-20  -  Graduate student positions in Bioinformatics (with fellowship)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

Two graduate student positions (MS or Ph.D.) with research assistantships are available in the Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate / Center for Integrated Biosystems (CIB) in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (CAAS) at the Utah State University (USU). The research projects available are within the general areas of bioinformatics... [More]

2017-09-20  -  Dir/Biomedical Informatics  -   |   -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

Oversees the day-to-day operation of the Biomedical Informatics Core area and all projects by transforming and strengthening informatics technologies to support research. Responsible for ensuring the developing of new informatics technologies including but not limited to software technologies, data storage technologies [More]

2017-09-20  -  Senior Bioinformatician  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

The Senior Bioinformatician will design and implement bioinformatics services for projects in the Center for Data Intensive Science. Projects range from large-scale federal contracts with the National Cancer Institute to research projects with faculty. The Senior Bioinfomatician will lead projects and work hands-on to develop data processing and analysis pipelines [More]

2017-09-20  -  Bioinformatics Senior Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

Job responsibilities include but not restricted toData analysis of high-throughput dataDevelop pipeline and tools for data analysis of NGS platforms Contributes towards supporting and improving existing bioinformatics toolsContributes towards several research initiatives by the company [More]

2017-09-19  -  Scientist Computational Biology  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-20)

The New York, USA site is seeking a Scientist Computational Biology, reporting to the Senior Director CNS Pipeline. The incumbent will be a key technical contributor in a dynamic and progressive team pioneering scaled manufacturing processes for the generation of therapeutic cells from pluripotent stem cells. Hands on experience in the development of mammalian cell culture methods and use execution of cell characterisation assays is essential. [More]

2017-09-19  -  Bioinformatics Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

NuGEN Technologies is looking for a talented Bioinformatics Scientist to join our team. The successful candidate will have a strong background in bioinformatics and molecular/cellular biology and will provide company-wide expertise in the management and analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data.  [More]

2017-09-19  -  Computational Biologist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

Sapient Consulting | Public Sector is looking for people who – simply put – are driven to make a difference. By solving some of today’s toughest challenges, our teams are helping to transform the government in the areas of business, technology and marketing. Working at Public Sector, you will be in an environment that fosters growth and creativity [More]

2017-09-19  -  Data Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

You are responsible for building models that make sense of Klick’s and client’s data stores. You will work with a small team to design experiments, collect data, evaluate results, visualize and report findings, and explore new data sets. Our data science practice includes exploratory analysis, social media analysis, marketing analysis and optimization... [More]

2017-09-19  -  Sr Python Software Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

As a Senior Software Engineer at Twist, you will be working on one of the most essential system that drives our business. You will have a significant impact throughout the company and your passion will be quickly felt and recognized.  [More]

2017-09-19  -  Software Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

A software developer position is available in a highly innovative environment in Bioinformatics Institute, Agency of Science, Technology and Research. The job scope includes the development of software for use in the hospitals and to work closely with industry and clinical partners. Because we are a publicly funded institution, we are focused on training our employees and build better career prospect for them. [More]

2017-09-19  -  Research Officer in Machine Learning and Computational Biology  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

A Research Officer position in the areas of machine learning and computational biology is immediately available in the Machine Learning for Bioimage Analysis Group and Structure-based Ligand Discovery and Design Group at Bioinformatics Institute (BII), Agency for Science and Technology Research (A*STAR). [More]

2017-09-19  -  Internship Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

FULL TIME Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 68, 51429 Bergisch Gladbach, Deutschland Without Professional-ExperienceInternship BioinformaticsYour Role:During your internship in Bioinformatics you will work with a database for automated annotation of genes.  [More]

2017-09-19  -  Bioinformatics Associate  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

A rapidly growing yet well-established diagnostics company is seeking qualified candidates to lead the development of their cutting-edge portfolio of NGS products using bioinformatics! ADVANTAGES OF THIS OPPORTUNITY: CHANCE TO MAKE A HUGE IMPACT - This is chance to be an internal expert and play a major role in developing a whole new generation of diagnostics that hasn't existed until now... [More]

2017-09-19  -  Project Leader in Bioinformatics in Precision Medicine  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

You want to join our team as a project leader in bioinformatics? The successful candidate is expected to have a master’s degree or relevant experience in academia or industry in a suitable field (bioinformatics, computer science, mathematical modelling, statistics, or another relevant field). [More]

2017-09-19  -  Senior Bioinformatician in Precision Medicine  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

Are you the Senior Bioinformatician in Precision Medicine we are looking for? The successful candidate is expected to have a doctoral degree or relevant long-term experience in academia or industry in a suitable field such as bioinformatics, computer science, mathematical modelling or statistics. [More]

2017-09-19  -  Senior Data Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

Schneider is seeking a Senior Data Scientist to join our innovative and growing Engineering team. The Senior Data Scientist will lead analysis and interpretation of large data sets to develop data driven recommendations to solve business challenges in real time. You will collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers and analysis's to gather and make sense out of unstructured data... [More]

We are recruiting an ambitious computational postdoc for a collaboration project that seeks to revolutionize cancer therapy by targeted, drug-induced degradation of important regulatory protein complexes. The project combines the expertise of two labs at the CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna [More]

2017-09-19  -  Principal Scientist – Molecular Discovery  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

We seek a highly creative and self-motivated computational scientist to develop software in support of oncology Biotherapeutics. The candidate will utilize expertise in computational and data sciences to design and implement data-driven software applications for biotherapeutic target discovery and development.  [More]

2017-09-19  -  Postdoctoral Fellow – Full Time – Benefits Eligible  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

The Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine is currently recruiting post-doctoral candidates with a strong Quantitative (Human) Genetics and Computational Biology background to help push the boundaries of clinical pediatric care in the NICU using next-gen sequencing technologies and systems medicine approaches. [More]

2017-09-19  -  Associate Software Engineer: Java, Python  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

Well-known University seeks a Software Engineer to join the highly collaborative Team and work with a global team of experts to create the Human Cell Atlas. The goal of the project is to "create comprehensive reference maps of all human cells - the fundamental units of life - as a basis for both understanding human health and diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease. [More]

We seek a talented Analyst experienced R programmer with experience in the analysis of expression microarray and/or other high-throughput biological data sets to assist with a variety of integrative genomic analyses in human populations. The scope of work will include differential gene expression analysis, data set creation, epigenetics and eQTL studies  [More]

2017-09-19  -  COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGIST, School of Medicine, Vice Chair for Research  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

The Boston University Medical Center (BUMC) Single Cell Sequencing Core Facility (SCSC) and Boston University Microarray and Sequencing Resource Core Facility (MSR) are looking for a motivated individual with extensive experience in bioinformatics or computational biology with excellent analytical and communication skills to serve as the cores primary data analyst.  [More]

2017-09-19  -  Principal Bioinformatics Scientist – Oracle Cancer Research Cloud-170010J2  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

The Principal Bioinformatics Scientist will be driving collaborations in drug discovery or translational research. You will report into and work closely with the Head of PMA to develop algorithms and interpret patient profiles of cancer-related multi-omics samples, population studies, longitudinal analysis, and pathway-based analysis to inform discovery and translational researchers... [More]

2017-09-19  -  Computational Scientist (Application/Assistant/Associate/Full/Senior)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, based in Farmington, CT is seeking a Computational Scientist to join the Computational Sciences – Statistics & Analytics (CS-SA) group. This position offers opportunities to make leading contributions to cutting edge research and operations in disease genomics and translational research in collaboration with the faculty and the clients of The Jackson Laboratory. [More]

2017-09-19  -  Product Application Specialist-37830  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

The Product Application Specialist (PAS) is a key member of the Life Informatics team. This individual has a background in bioinformatics for human genome Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and/or human genome mapping. This individual will assist in executing the market development strategy, and provide technical sales support to our customers [More]

2017-09-18  -  Researcher 6  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

The osteosarcoma research group seeks an experienced PhD-level bioinformaticist to lead and develop novel analyses of genomic data amassed locally from various sources. The group is highly collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and requires a skilled bioinformaticist to design and lead computational analysis of the osteosarcoma genome.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Research Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

T1D Exchange is growing, and we have created an additional opportunity for a highly skilled Research Analyst to join our team. The Research Analyst’s primary role is to provide statistical and analytical expertise to support and advance the mission of the organization to improve outcomes for people living with Type 1 Diabetes.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Research Fellow – Microbial Genomics and Evolution  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-19)

The Department of Microbiology is seeking to appoint a postdoctoral fellow to a research collaboration between the Vijay and Lithgow laboratories in the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University, Melbourne. The research projects aim to understand the processes governing the evolution of anti-microbial resistance. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Senior Bioinformatician  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

We are rapidly growing our core team and are looking for an experienced bioinformatician who is driven and passionate about solving complex challenges. You should possess a strong background in bioinformatics and have shown to be a creative force in the field of bioinformatics through published peer-reviewed articles. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Head Of Operations  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

Hiring for a Head of Operations for a leading Informatics Solutions company that leverages its extensive scientific knowledge base, technology and relevant domain expertise to provide intelligent data and analytics solutions to customers globally.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Genomics Scientist, Senior  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

Provide scientific, engineering, and technical assistance (SETA) support to the government program manager (PM) and provide technical support and expertise in the area of genomics, particularly in methods for detecting direct or indirect signatures of genome editing. Assimilate and integrate technical inputs from performers, and analyze performers' technical deliverables and reports.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  #89977 Bioinformatics Programmer III  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

Uses skills as a seasoned, experienced bioinformatics programming professional with a broad understanding of computational algorithms; identifies and resolves a wide range of issues / software bugs. Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions. Operates independently. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Positions in CSS  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

University of Washington Tacoma Assistant Professor Position in Computer Science and Systems The Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma is seeking applications for multiple tenure-track Assistant Professor positions for the Computer Science and Systems program. These are full-time positions with a nine-month service period, beginning September 2018.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Full-time Lecturer CSS  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

University of Washington Tacoma Full-time Lecturer Position in Computer Science and Systems The Institute of Technology at the University of Washington Tacoma is seeking applications for one full-time lecturer position for the Computer Science and Systems (CSS) program. This position is a full-time 9-month renewable position with an initial appointment term... [More]

2017-09-18  -  Full Stack Developer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

Bellwether Bio, a cancer diagnostics technology company, seeks a highly qualified individual with immediate availability for the position of Senior Full-Stack Developer, a full-time position reporting to Bellwether’s Chief Technology Officer. The Senior Full-Stack Developer will drive the rollout of Bellwether’s computational toolkit for translating DNA sequencing data into clinically actionable findings.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Regulated Products Complaint Investigator – Niel  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a Regulated Products Complaint Investigator for the location Niel, Belgium. Your Responsibilities EU, FDA and ROW Complaint Investigation compliance, health hazard evaluation, medical device reporting, and post market surveillance of human, onco and prenatal next generation sequencing products; Complaint investigation of assays involves reagents, instruments, primers and software... [More]

2017-09-18  -  DevOps Engineer – Bioinformatics group – Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

Join the fast-paced, high-performance Genomics R&D team in developing and deploying novel product offerings that help advance human health and fight cancer. You’ll discover who we are -- inventors, scientists, engineers, and visionaries working together to deliver the products and services that enable our customers to answer significant biological and clinical questions.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Bioinformatician  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

We are seeking a candidate with strong software engineering and bioinformatics experience to join the Discovery Proteomics Group at NantOmics (Rockville, MD). The incumbent will be an integral part of the Company’s expansion to discovery efforts focusing on innovative clinical assays for precision medicine in cancer. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Senior Bioinformatics Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

Currently we are looking for a candidate who will be responsible for optimizing and extending the automated bioinformatics pipelines, designing and developing the data visualization and access interfaces with Boost experimental scientists, and collaborating with the Boost team to create and implement novel analyses to extract predictive information regarding microbial interactions. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Biostatistician  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

A world class Consulting company located in the Houston area is seeking a Biostatistician to add to their team.The Biostatistician (I, II, or III) will work under the guidance of a Biostatistical team lead to complete statistical analysis plans (SAPs) involving complicated longitudinal registry data. The Biostatistician will help to compile appropriate analytic summaries and context for reports and publications. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Hourly Posting  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

An hourly research scientist position within the broad area of metagenomics/microbiomes biology of non-human subjects is available in the laboratory of Dr. Maria C. Rivera, VCU Department of Biology. The selected candidate will be primarily working on research projects related to non-human microbiomes.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Bioinformatician II  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

The Duke Human Vaccine Institute (DHVI) is searching for a candidate who will be responsible for performing a variety of bioinformatics analyses related to vaccine design. DHVI is recognized as a world-leading organization in vaccine development with an infectious disease vaccine candidate portfolio that includes HIV-1, influenza, and malaria.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Bioinformatics Postdoc  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

We are seeking outstanding bioinformatics postdoc to join our interdisciplinary Bioinformatics lab. Bioinformatics research projects at the University of Louisville currently underway fall into the broad categories of high-throughput sequencing analysis ; microarray and miRNA analysis; and computational and statistical approaches to understanding RNA regulatory networks.  [More]

2017-09-18  -  Research Associate in Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

Applications are invited for a Research Associate within GOSgene at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health. The post-holder will be a key member of the data analysis team involved with the processing, analysis and integration of distinct next generation sequencing and multiple ‘omics data and clinical phenotype information. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Postdoctoral Fellow, Birney Group (EPIC)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

We are looking for an experienced post-doctoral fellow with a strong interest in data science and "big data" to join the Birney research group at EMBL-EBI and the Department of Medicine for the Elderly in Addenbrooke's Hospital for an exciting translational bioinformatics position in Geriatric Medicine and Health Services Research in collaboration with the Clinical School in Cambridge University. [More]

2017-09-18  -  Postdoctoral Researcher  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-09-18)

We are looking for a postdoc interested in using single cell sequencing technologies to investigate malaria parasites, mosquito vectors, and vector/parasite interactions. Malaria parasites are single celled organisms, and single cell technologies are revealing new levels of complexity in lab strains (see our preprint). [More]

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