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As a service to the students at Texas A&M AgriLife, COALS, and Texas A&M University, we started this bioinformatics job’s page. We now have links to over 3000 jobs from groups around the world and we are adding about 50 jobs a week. In addition to the obvious reasons, we created the site to help us track the key required skills across industry and academia to insure that we are preparing our students for success. The vast majority of positions require hands on NGS experience, training in bioinformatics (NGS specific), computer science (programming, DB, HPC), statistics/machine learning, and biology/genetics training.

All material on these pages is copied and pasted from the original job posting site. You should go to the original site to apply. We provide this site as a free service, jobs are posted as a service to our students and the bioinformatics community. If you object to your job being listed here, please contact us and it will be removed immediately. To add a bioinformatics job or any corrections, please contact me.  Dr. Charlie JohnsonData archive.

We maintain this website as a service to the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology community.

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2017-05-27  -  Sr. Machine Learning Scientist – Medical Device  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Our client is currently building a new team focused on applying Machine Learning techniques to Predictive Algorithm Development with the ultimate goal of helping patients that are at high risk for sudden cardiac arrest. This will be the first technical hire for the team and the intention is to build the Predictive Algorithm Development Group around this individual. The position will require relocation.  [More]

2017-05-27  -  Bioinformatician/Statistician (Staff Research Scientist)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

We are seeking a talented Bioinformatician or Statistician to join the dynamic bioinformatics team here at Gladstone Institutes. You will be providing bioinformatics and statistical support to the world-class biomedical research conducted in labs at Gladstone Institutes, UCSF, and beyond. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Data Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Apex Systems has a contract to hire opening for a Data Scientist with a well-known healthcare organization in the Tampa, FL area. Client is looking for someone with a strong Data Science background within a healthcare setting. Exposure to data analytics tools such as SAS, R, Python, Scala is also required.  [More]

2017-05-27  -  Sr. Bioinformatician (NGS) who wants to Revolutionize Food Testing  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

As a Senior Bioinformatician at Clear Labs, you will be a key member of the Engineering team with the opportunity to develop and enhance Clear Labs’ bioinformatics pipelines, which analyzes large data sets of food samples from high-throughput sequencing technologies to determine authenticity and detect anomalies such as substitution, contamination, pathogens, additives, GMOs, etc.  [More]

2017-05-27  -  Postdoctoral Fellow – Full time – Benefits Eligible  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

The Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine is currently recruiting post-doctoral candidates with a strong Quantitative (Human) Genetics and Computational Biology background to help push the boundaries of clinical pediatric care in the NICU using next-gen sequencing technologies and systems medicine approaches. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Bioinformatics Associate I  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Duties : Bioinformatics support for immunology disease programs in research and clinical development. Skills : Experience in NGS data analysis (e.g. WGS, expression data) and familiarity with NGS technologies and platforms; High level of proficiency with R programming language and/or other scripting languages (Python, perl, etc.)... [More]

2017-05-27  -  Bioinformatics Associate  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

My name is Crystal Valdez and I represent The Fountain Group. We are a national staffing firm and are currently seeking a ­­­­­­­­ Bioinformatics Associate for a prominent client of ours. This position is located in ­­ South San Francisco, CA .  [More]

2017-05-27  -  Senior Research Manager, Genome Editing  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

We are seeking a results-driven, creative senior research leader with excellent scientific credibility, strategic vision, and strong team building and management skills to lead our Genome Modification research group. This R&D leader will direct our technology development and deployment program for genome editing technologies. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Program Analyst I  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Bayside Solutions is seeking a Program Analyst I to be part of our client’ s team in South San Francisco. This is an opportunity to work with one of the largest Biopharmaceutical companies in the world developing innovative medicine to save patients’ lives.  [More]

2017-05-27  -  Bioinformatics Associate  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Bayside Solutions is seeking a Bioinformatics Associate to be part of our client’ s team in South San Francisco. This is an opportunity to work with one of the largest Biopharmaceutical companies in the world developing innovative medicine to improve the quality of patients’ lives.  [More]

2017-05-27  -  Biomedical Informatics Assistant – Pathology / Immunology – 36849  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Assists in developing and conducting research projects, including experiment design, data analysis and documentation of experiment results. PRIMARY DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Analyzes data from high-throughput, massively parallel genomic and/or clinical data sets using existing software applications; Designs, develops, and implements minor enhancements to analysis and visualization tools to serve custom needs of each analysis performed in #1... [More]

2017-05-27  -  Senior Consultant – Healthcare Analytics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Senior Consultant - Healthcare Analytics: EGL Genetic Diagnostics LLC, Atlanta, Georgia, is looking for Senior Consultant - Healthcare Analytics for its opening at Atlanta, Georgia, to perform business analytics and develop tools for strategic needs of molecular genetics laboratory using Lean or Six Sigma; Construct forecasts, recommendations and strategic/tactical plans based on data and market knowledge [More]

2017-05-27  -  Sr. Programmer Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

The Sr. Programmer Analyst will be responsible for the implementation of NIH-sponsored multi-center MACS study, an epidemiological study on the Johns Hopkins Medical campus. Responsibilities include collecting and analyzing user requirements, and participating in programming work involving extremely large and ever-increasing quantities of data. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Research Statistician Developer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Join the world's leading statistical software company and make a difference in the practice of statistics and data science! SAS is looking for a developer with a strong statistical background and excellent programming skills to develop state-of-the-art software for regression analysis of complex, high-dimensional data.  [More]

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) invites applications for a Post-Doctoral IRTA/Fellow to work at the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) and NHLBI’s Population Sciences Branch. The FHS is a long-running family-based epidemiology study with over 15,000 participants, and has collected large repositories of genotype and phenotype data and bio samples. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Bioinformatician  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

The Institute of Translational Genomics is seeking to hire a bioinformatician or “informatics specialist for bioinformatics” to work with members of the Institute of Translational Genomics in the development of pipelines a new Next-Generation Sequencing Center to service the Keck School of Medicine, the University of Southern California (USC), and its affiliates. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Precision Oncology Bioinformatics Analyst (NCI)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

The ClinOmics Program, a joint venture between the Genetics Branch and the Laboratory of Pathology, was launched by senior leadership of the Center for Cancer Research (National Cancer Institute) to establish a comprehensive translational genomics platform to enable precision therapy trials for adult and pediatric cancer patients at the NIH Clinical Center. The ClinOmics program is seeking to recruit a Bioinformatics Analyst. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Data Scientist II  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the nation's only company exclusively insuring the jewelry industry is hiring for a Data Scientist II! The Data Scientist will work with our Actuarial, product, underwriting, digital, marketing, media and technology teams to develop in-depth reporting and research that reveals the key insights that drive the strategic direction of our corporate initiatives. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Research Assistant II/III – Microbial Communities  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

The Marine Biological Laboratory is seeking applicants for a full-time Research Assistant position with the Josephine Bay Paul Center. The successful applicant will contribute to projects that will explore diversity of microbes in various communities and the influence of changing environments on microbial population structures.  [More]

2017-05-27  -  Bioinformatics/Wetlab Sequencing Interns in Boston Lab  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

Genomic Expression is looking for interns with either a bioinformatics or wet lab sequencing background or both. Responsibilities and Duties: Assist in the development of Cloud based bioinformatics platform (Bioinformatics); Assist in producing and improving sample prep and sequencing methods (wetlab)... [More]

2017-05-27  -  Bioinformatics Data Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

The Bioinformatics Data Analyst will be responsible for providing data mining and analysis support to Caris R&D for novel diagnostic biomarker discovery, companion diagnostic test development and validation, maintaining data processing pipelines and developing/documenting analysis tools. The successful candidate will possess proficient analytical capability, solid scientific background in cancer biology, and strong communication skills. [More]

2017-05-27  -  Postdoctoral fellow : Stanford, CA, United States  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-27)

A bioinformatics postdoctoral fellow position is available in the Laboratory of Dr. Sundari Chetty, in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Stanford University. The overarching goal of the lab is to improve the prospects of autologous cell replacement therapy and in vitro disease modeling for regenerative medicine with applications for neuroscience.  [More]

2017-05-25  -  Bioinformaticist-Junior Level  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-26)

The Bioinformatics Group in the Research Computing Division at RTI International has an opening for a Junior Level Bioinformaticist to contribute to development of bioinformatics tools, including web-based tools, support and promote data interoperability, and analyze complex data sets. A fundamental understanding of biology, experience with programming languages and demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential. [More]

2017-05-25  -  Biostatistics/Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-26)

Do you have a passion for research that could influence public health or solve complex problems? Have you ever wanted to help solve problems facing our country? If so, we have the opportunity for you! Come join our team to deliver the promise of science for the global good.  [More]

2017-05-25  -  Assistant Professor – Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-26)

The Department of Neurosurgery at the UT Health McGovern Medical School invites applications for a tenure-track or non-tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor level. We seek outstanding applicants with strengths in bioinformatics and applied statistical genetics with a primary interest in analyses of next generation sequencing to understand human disease and differential response to therapeutics.  [More]

2017-05-25  -  Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-26)

UES, Inc., is seeking a Research Scientist in Bioinformatics to support research at the Air Force Research Laboratory School of Aerospace Medicine. The successful candidate will utilize sequencing and -omic datasets to develop insights into eukaryotic cell activity. The position will focus on analyzing data and automating data analysis pipelines for synthetic biology and toxicology research questions.  [More]

There is an exciting immediate bioinformatician opening at the new Laboratory of Computational Human Genomics of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai's Department of Genetics and Genomics and Institute for Personalized Medicine. This is a unique opportunity to become a major player of the genomic revolution where computational discoveries directly benefit patients' treatment and drug discovery. [More]

2017-05-25  -  Exascale Crystallographic Computation Project Scientist-83755  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging Division has an exciting opportunity for a Project Scientist with cross-disciplinary skills in software development and X-ray crystallography. The next decade of structural biology at the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) will include groundbreaking advances in time domain crystallography, diffuse scattering to observe dynamic motion, and single particle diffraction.  [More]

2017-05-25  -  Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer, Microarray  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

The Bioinformatics group seeks a talented and motivated individual to provide analytical and software support for product research and development efforts. The successful candidate will work with a small team that manages critical informatics support for microarray catalog products. [More]

2017-05-25  -  Staff Scientist, Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

We are searching for a Bioinformatics Scientist to address our needs for assays design pipelines supporting innovative chemistries and focusing on bacterial, viral and metagenomics applications. The candidate will execute the implementation and documentation of algorithms and programs to support assay design, conduct troubleshooting analyses of design strategies and analyze experimental data with the goal to improve the design algorithms. [More]

2017-05-25  -  Senior Scientist, Biomedical Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

Join a dynamic team of scientists, bioinformaticians, usability specialists, and software engineers dedicated to improve genetic research. As Senior Scientist, Biomedical Genomics you will ensure scientific excellence of QIAGEN’s leading biomedical genomics software solutions and communicate the resulting advances to the scientific community. [More]

2017-05-25  -  IT Applications Specialist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

The IT Applications Specialist will work on all phases of laboratory and enterprise systems development life cycle. Responsibilities will include; working with scientists and other stakeholders to elicit user requirements and business processes, analyze requirements, troubleshoot and resolve issues, document and execute support procedures, administer applications and databases... [More]

2017-05-25  -  Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

The DZNE in Bonn is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher (f/m) Code 1459/2017/4 to join the research group of PD Dr. Marc Beyer. The Beyer lab is interested in elucidating the molecular mechanisms of immunoregulatory processes in T cells and myeloid cells and their influence on the development and progression of neurodegenerative diseases. [More]

2017-05-25  -  Bioinformatician (f/m)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

The Transcriptome Analysis Laboratory in Göttingen offers an open position for a Bioinformatician (f/m) Candidates should have a strong background in bioinformatics, computational biology or biostatistics initially limited to 2 years with possibility of permanent position | full time (38,5h/week) | salary according to TV-L The University Medical Center Göttingen is a tertiary care center and offers great development potential. [More]

2017-05-25  -  PhD Position in Computational Developmental Biology  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

Within the recently established DFG research unit “Morphodynamics of Plants"(FOR2581) a Ph.D. position is available in the lab of Prof. Kay Schneitz, Dept. of Plant Developmental Biology, Technical University of Munich in Freising/Germany.The successful candidate will combine genetic, cell biological and computational approaches to generate a hitherto unprecedented quantitative description of the cellular and mechanical basis of the development of ovules, the major female reproductive organs.  [More]

For our growing Discovery Informatics team at our site in Hamburg, Germany we are looking for an enthusiastic, creative and skilled Discovery Informatics Scientist (f/m) permanent, full time with a keen interest in supporting Evotec’s Biology unit with Biostatistics/Discovery Informatics expertise.  [More]

2017-05-25  -  Computer System Administrator (m/f)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

Job vacancy for dedicated people with enthusiasm for biomedical research! TRON gGmbH (Translational Oncology at the Medical Center of the University Mainz.) As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with talented and dedicated colleagues, develop and expand your career and be on the cutting-edge of translational science to improve patients’ lives. [More]

2017-05-25  -  Bioinformatiker (m/w) / Bioinformatician (m/f)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

For our team in Konstanz we are looking for aBioinformatiker (m/w) / Bioinformatician (m/w)(reference number: Yk-17-N1) Your tasks at GATCBeing part of R&D team, the main focus of your work is the development of software modules for analyzing data produced by "Next Generation" sequencing technologies. [More]

2017-05-25  -  Intern – Bioinformatics (intern 3)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

Under the guidance and mentorship of a Senior Scientist, the bioinformatics intern will assist in establishing a Next Gen RNA-Seq based characterization of Pfenex bacterial strains designed for therapeutic protein production. Project scope will include: designing experiments focused on analyzing global gene expression changes in bacterial cell populations in response to different growth conditions... [More]

2017-05-24  -  Research Associate, Data Science (Jaffe)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

The Jaffe Lab at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD) is recruiting a Data Scientist in who has previous experience working with big data in biomedical sciences. This position primarily involves developing and performing algorithms for data processing and analyses within cellular imaging datasets.  [More]

2017-05-24  -  Postdoctoral Fellow – Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

A postdoctoral position in the field of Bioinformatics is available for a passionate and motivated individual in the group of Dr. André Leier at the Informatics Institute, University of Alabama at Birmingham. The successful candidate will perform original research in biomedical data analysis, algorithm and tool development, predictive modeling, and/or machine learning.  [More]

2017-05-24  -  Postdoctoral Research Associate I, Obstetrics & Gynecology (Phoenix, AZ)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-25)

The laboratory of Dr. Melissa Herbst-Kralovetz, as a part of a translational research program in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix, invites applicants to apply for a challenging and rewarding opportunity to contribute as a Postdoctoral Research Associate I. [More]

2017-05-24  -  Bioinformatics Programmer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-24)

The University of California, San Francisco is seeking a person to serve as a Bioinformatics Programmer for the Institute for Human Genetics (IHG), an organizational research unit focused on multidisciplinary human genetics research. The Genomic Medicine Initiative (GMI) unit, for which this position is being recruited, is developing and provides a clinical sequencing diagnostic service.  [More]

2017-05-24  -  Bioinformatics Biology Internship  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-24)

Theravance Biopharma, Inc. is seeking a Summer Intern with broad bioinformatics skills to join the Biology department. Duties and Responsibilities: Engage biologists to fully understand biological questions and project objectives, typically gene expression and pathway analysis, GWAS, proteomics, or target identification ; Evaluate relevant in-house or publically available data (gene chip or RNAseq, GEO data sets, Human Protein Atlas, etc.), tools, and approaches to design computational studies... [More]

2017-05-24  -  Postdoctoral Fellow: MSKCC : New York , NY, United States  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-24)

We are looking for highly motivated postdoctoral fellows interested in innovative methods for plasma DNA sequencing data analysis based on ultra-high depth sequencing of plasma, tumor and germline DNA. The successful candidates will have the opportunity to work not only on data analysis, but also on methodology and algorithm development. [More]

2017-05-23  -  Postdoctoral Fellow, Population Genetics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-23)

Postdoctoral Fellow positions are available immediately at the Desert Research Institute in the newly formed Renown Institute of Health Innovation. The successful applicant will study the effects of genetic variability with emphasis on cancer and cardiovascular disease on a cohort of 10,000 Northern Nevadans that is expanding to approximately 40,000 by June 2018. [More]

2017-05-23  -  Senior Bioinformaticist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-23)

HJF is seeking a Senior Bioinformaticist to support the Gynecologic Cancer Center of Excellence (GYN-COE) located at the Women’s Health Integrated Research Center in Fairfax, Virginia to contribute to gynecologic cancer biomarker research using advanced computational analysis techniques as applied to high throughput genomics and proteomics data. [More]

2017-05-23  -  Analytical Methods Technical Scientist (Informatics)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-23)

The Analytical Methods Technical scientist will be responsible for transitioning NGS-based research assays into the Quality Control group. These assays will require the validation of in-house developed software and may require programing in order to implement a report format appropriate to the Quality Control environment.  [More]

2017-05-23  -  Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-23)

This position provides expertise on moderate and complex system applications and leads project teams. This includes analyzing data and building complex reports and/or data repositories and other presentation materials. The incumbent must have significant knowledge about cross functional departments in order to serve as a liaison and provide relevant guidance or leadership. [More]

2017-05-23  -  Computational Biologist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-05-23)

Responsibilities: Deliver computational analyses of different data like clinical data, RNAseq, NGS, molecular profiling, proteomics, mutation, methylation databases (mostly cancer related data) to find the potential biomarkers and signature patterns of multiple drugs... [More]

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