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As a service to the students at Texas A&M AgriLife, COALS, CBGSE, TEES, and Texas A&M University, we started this bioinformatics job’s page. We now have links to over 7500 jobs from groups around the world and we are adding about 50 jobs a week. In addition to the obvious reasons, we created the site to help us track the key required skills across industry and academia to insure that we are preparing our students for success. The vast majority of positions require hands on NGS experience, training in bioinformatics (NGS specific), computer science (programming, DB, HPC), statistics/machine learning, and biology/genetics training.

All material on these pages is copied and pasted from the original job posting site. You should go to the original site to apply. We provide this site as a free service, jobs are posted as a service to our students and the bioinformatics community. If you object to your job being listed here, please contact us and it will be removed immediately. To add a bioinformatics job or any corrections, please contact me.  Dr. Charlie JohnsonData archive.

We maintain this website as a service to the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology community.

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2018-02-16  -  Software Field Operations Engineer/Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-17)

We are seeking a multi-talented individual to join our 10x Software Field Ops team. This individual will be a cross between a bioinformatics scientist, software engineer and support engineer/scientist. This position can be located either in our Pleasanton, CA HQ or in the field. The ideal candidate will have experience developing and supporting next generation sequencing bioinformatics software and pipelines.  [More]

2018-02-16  -  Computational Biologist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-17)

Responsbilities: Develop tools for comparative and phylogenetic analysis of genome and metagenome sequence data ;Develop analysis framework for evolutionary engineering to improve strain performance ;Implement sequence analysis tools for verification, analysis and comparison of engineered strains ; Develop tools for manipulation and analysis of NGS datasets ;Integrate tools into software infrastructure... [More]

2018-02-16  -  Bioinformatics Postdoc  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-17)

We are seeking an outstanding bioinformatics Postdoctoral Scientist to join our interdisciplinary team in the University of Louisville Bioinformatics and Biomedical Computing laboratory working on aspects of Big Data in Biomedicine with a focus on applications in autism, ophthalmology, and cardiology. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Associate Software Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-17)

We’re looking for a well-rounded software engineer to help us imagine, build, and deploy beautiful, robust websites and mobile applications that connect patients directly with researchers to dramatically accelerate our search for cures to a wide variety of diseases. OVERALL RESPONSIBILITY: Works with software engineers, UX designers, security experts, researchers, computational biologists... [More]

2018-02-16  -  Intern, Computational Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Vertex Computational Genomics is seeking a talented intern (graduate level) to join our team in Boston, MA. Computational Genomics intern will contribute to Vertex research projects by analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting high-throughput transcriptomic and/or proteomic datasets to discover new targets or pathways and help understand mechanism of action of Vertex compounds. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Research Scientist Computational Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

We are seeking a highly motivated data scientist with expertise in transcriptomic or proteomic analysis (or a related computational biology skill) to join Vertex’s research site in Boston, MA. This position will be part of a growing global Computational Genomics function, and will provide key support for the new Chemical Biology function in our continuing efforts to find novel, innovative treatments for serious human diseases. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Senior Research Program Manager  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Looking for a fast-paced role to accelerate your development of critical leadership competencies? Microsoft Research New England is looking for you! Program management within Microsoft Research draws on a blend of skills in product management, project management, technology horizon scanning, communicating, influencing and other “soft skills.”  [More]

2018-02-16  -  Postdoctoral Scholar  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

The postdoctoral research associate will conduct research at the interface between quantitative ecology and microbial genomics in the Center for Ecosystem Science & Society at Northern Arizona University (Ecoss). The postdoc will use tools in bioinformatics, statistics, ecological modeling, as well as laboratory and field experiments, , to develop new quantitative models describing how microorganisms grow and interact in the environment. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Senior Workforce Data Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

The Senior Workforce Data Scientist is responsible for executing on projects and initiatives that support and accelerate the growth of the Employer Services division of Equifax Workforce Solutions. The Senior Workforce Data Scientist is a member of the Human Capital & Talent Analytics team, part of the Workforce Solutions Data & Analytics organization... [More]

2018-02-16  -  Bioinformatics Intern  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Summary of Internship: The Software Development Internship position provides an opportunity for science-minded students who are currently pursuing a computer science, computational biology, computational data sciences, or similar degree to get hands on experience working with bioinformatics and software engineers in a fast-paced software engineering environment. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Principal Scientist, Research Analytics (Bioinformatics)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

We seek a talented, collaborative Bioinformatics Scientist to participate in algorithm design and implementation, development of processing and data analysis/mining tools, with a focus on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and data integration. This individual will play a key scientific role enabling innovative computational analysis strategies across a wide range of data sources... [More]

2018-02-16  -  Bioinformatics Research Investigator  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Responsibilities:Leads and collaborates on analysis and interpretation of large-scale genomics and pharmacogenetic data sets derived from early clinical and translational studies, including data from GWAS and NGS studies (e.g., whole- exome and genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, selected gene panels, single cell RNA sequencing and liquid biopsy data)  [More]

2018-02-16  -  Computational Biologist I – Neuroscience  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Job Duties : Perform professional work in support of scientific research using technical knowledge of software, software development, networking, and/or hardware in a complex computing environment. Subject matter expert in multiple areas of computing technology, and specific knowledge of molecular biology and genetics. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Computational Biologist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

We are seeking a talented and highly motivated Computational Biologist, to provide technical expertise and leadership to drive advanced computational methods enabling vaccine discovery for oncology indications. The successful candidate will possess the ability to work within a multidisciplinary discovery team to lead development and implementation of innovative computational tools to facilitate novel vaccine development. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Imaging Data Scientist, Oncology Translational Research  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Novartis Oncology Translational Research is seeking an imaging scientist to develop and implement innovative machine learning solutions for the analysis of pathology slide images. You will join our global Pathology and Biomarkers team, partnering across the full range of Oncology programs (small molecule, biotherapeutics and Immuno-Oncology) from target identification through First-in-Human studies. [More]

2018-02-16  -  Postdoctoral Associate  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

This position will perform bioinformatics data analysis to understand epigenetic gene regulation and transcription dynamics in various biological processes and disease models such as cancer; will design, develop and test bioinformatics algorithms for RNA-seq analysis in the context of cancer and stem cells.  [More]

2018-02-16  -  Sr. Scientist / Group Leader, Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Genentech seeks a talented and highly motivated Senior Bioinformatics Scientist to pursue a research program in collaboration with our Department of Immunology. This individual will direct a group of Bioinformatics Scientists engaged in similar research activities with the goal of developing therapies for Immunological diseases that we can effectively target to the appropriate patient population.  [More]

2018-02-15  -  Senior Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

The Senior Scientist, Oncology Bioinformatics will join an interdisciplinary team of scientists dedicated to the discovery of new cancer medicines. The successful candidate will work with scientists in the Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Area to design large-scale molecular profiling experiments and rigorously analyze biological data sets... [More]

2018-02-15  -  Summer Research Opportunity in Foreign Animal Diseases  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

The Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) Research Participation Program offers biodefense research opportunities to motivated students and postgraduates interested in developing novel strategies to control foreign animal diseases, including foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and African swine fever virus (ASFV).  [More]

2018-02-15  -  Bioinformatics Postdoc Fellowships  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Multiple fully-supported bioinformatics postdoctoral fellowships are available at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for highly motivated and creative candidates. Projects include: 1) Genetic and epigenetic modeling in leukemogenesis. Profiling of large patient cohorts. Translation of genomic discoveries into new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.  [More]

2018-02-15  -  Senior bioinformatics scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Your roles: This individual will play key roles in our bioinformatics development to support our life science R&D, heath science and company business. Work independently and collaboratively with members of bioinformatics, R&D, and collaborators to develop bioinformatics methods and tools; Data analysis on high-dimensional data sets from a wide range of sources... [More]

2018-02-15  -  Data Analysis Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

The Data Analysis Scientist serves as a key member of the Genetic Project Team (GPT) working with a team of scientists in the development of analytical tools and data analysis in support of the Global Breeding Product Delivery Teams (GBPDTs). Works with GPT members to pursue novel discovery research, and develop and deploy new molecular breeding strategies in support of cutting edge molecular breeding applications. [More]

2018-02-15  -  Research Scientist, Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

We are seeking a highly motivated, skilled, and collaborative computational biologist to contribute to multiple NIH -funded microbiome research projects. The position provides opportunity to (i) develop bioinformatics/statistics method for microbiome data analysis, multi-omics and clinical data integration (ii) apply existing and/or new methods to large scale datasets from multiple US and international cohorts and studies... [More]

2018-02-15  -  Assistant Professor, Computational Text Analysis  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

The Institute for Computational Health Sciences (ICHS) at UCSF is looking to recruit a computational text analysis faculty member at the Assistant Professor level. ICHS is seeking faculty candidates with a strong background in natural language processing (NLP) who have an interest in clinical informatics, machine learning, and/or network/mathematical modeling as applied to health research. [More]

2018-02-15  -  Bioinformatics Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate — Montreal, QC, Canada  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

Two positions (Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate) are available in the research areas of toxicogenomics, metabolomics and systems biology, with a focus on developing new-generation computational tools and approaches to understand complex gene-environment interactions from multiple -omics data sets generated in our large-scale research projects funded by Genome Canada.  [More]

2018-02-15  -  Postdoctoral Fellow in Precision Medicine  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

We are looking for two postdoctoral fellows who will bridge the gap between the lab and the clinic through the development of new software tools that will relate medical and genetic data to disease risk and outcome. The first role is a bioinformatician, who will search for pathogenic variants and biological markers though the analysis of new genetic sequence data that we are collecting from local African populations. [More]

2018-02-15  -  Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-16)

The ERICA-SA project will utilise lifestyle data and biological samples collected by the Johannesburg Cancer Study (JCS) from 20,000 African cancer patients to investigate the causes of cancer and to enhance scientific research capacity in South Africa. This will be the largest study of its kind in Africa. ERICA - SA will support three PhD students and two Postdoctoral fellows with a background in genetics... [More]

2018-02-14  -  Data Scientist – Infectious Disease  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub is looking for an energetic (data) scientist to work with us on understanding the evolution and spread of infectious disease. This is a rare opportunity to use your state-of-the-art knowledge of evolution, phylogenetics, and genome assembly to have a direct impact on clinical medicine and global health. [More]

2018-02-14  -  UI/UX Web Designer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

Responsibilities: The successful candidate is expected to: Perform intelligent organization and design analyses to new situations, creating outstanding design concepts, implementing look and feel, and visually interpreting problems and achieve UX design objectives within aesthetics, usability, and usefulness and predict user behavior with increasing accuracy. [More]

2018-02-14  -  Bioinformatics Oracle Database Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

Our client is currently seeking a Bioinformatics Oracle Database Engineer Bioinformatics Oracle Database Engineer to work with our team. As a member of our Bioinformatics Team, this professional will plan and design database structures, develop logic queries, and build interfaces in a clinical diagnostics environment. The database tools you build will integrate with our bioinformatics pipelines and the review and reporting systems. [More]

2018-02-14  -  Bioinformatics Intern  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

We are looking for a Bioinformatics Intern to provide support to our Strain team in analysis of “omics” data for strain process and physiology. You Will: Proteomics and NGS data analysis;Database tree construction.;Communicate findings effectively to research scientists... [More]

2018-02-14  -  Bioinformatics Specialist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

Who We Seek: Passion Seekers. You genuinely care about the work that you do and its impact on society. Self-Starters. You’re a go-getter who isn’t afraid to step up and disrupt the status quo.Entrepreneurs. You bring fresh ideas to the table, work hard, develop business and consistently seek new challenges. Collaborators. You’re a great contributor to a high performing team that accomplishes great feats for our clients. [More]

2018-02-14  -  Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

As part of our ongoing efforts, we are aiming to simplify and streamline the capture, processing and analyses of ‘omic data across GSK by establishing a robust and sustainable E2E solution using a combination of internal (on-prem) and external (cloud-based) data infrastructures. To realize this goal, we are looking for a passionate and enthusiastic individual... [More]

2018-02-14  -  Associate, Data Science  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

The Pfizer Data Science Team in StratCO Business Analytics (BA) is now looking for talented individuals destined to usher in the next era of healthcare. We live in a moment of remarkable change and opportunity. The scale and convergence of business, research, data, and technology is transforming healthcare, biopharmaceutical, and life sciences organizations today. [More]

2018-02-14  -  Sr. Software Quality Automation Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

As a member of the Enterprise team, you will: Participate in requirements and design review meetings to create comprehensive automation test strategies/plans;Design, create, enhance, and maintain detailed automated testing frameworks and test-ware libraries including the coding of scalable, reusable components and functions... [More]

2018-02-14  -  Head of Genomics Technologies Group (Director)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

Are you looking for a patient-focused company that will inspire you and support your career? If so, be empowered to take charge of your future at Takeda. Join us as Head Genomics Technologies Group (Director) in our Cambridge office. Here, everyone matters and you will be a vital contributor to our inspiring, bold mission.  [More]

2018-02-14  -  Bioinformatician Research Services Senior Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-14)

The successful candidate will provide high calibre bioinformatics research support to external researchers and industrial partners by enabling analysis, facilitating access to datasets and ensuring optimal use of the Genomics England Research Data Centre. As senior analyst you will understand our datasets and how to analyse clinical and genomic data... [More]

2018-02-13  -  Statistical Programmer Intern  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

Agios Pharmaceuticals is searching for a Statistical programmer Intern to join our growing Biometrics&DM department. The summer intern will have the opportunity to work on a various tasks, where the intern will gain hands on experience in the following: statistical programming on SAS and CDISC standards, help the Biometrics and programming team for clinical trial statistical analysis and standardizations.  [More]

2018-02-13  -  Bioinformatics Software Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

We are looking for a talented and self-driven bioinformatics software engineer to help us to continue being the pioneer in pathology software systems. As a Bioinformatics Software Engineer, you will work in a highly collaborative environment, engineer clinical and research software systems that directly impact patient care, and will be responsible for building the next-generation clinical informatics systems. [More]

2018-02-13  -  Senior Bioinformatician  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

The Senior Bioinformatician will take a lead role as the primary bioinformatics and scientific resource to support project work that solves complex problems. Works at a high technical level in all phases of data management and bioinformatics support activities. Highly complex data will be analyzed by applying sound statistical and commonly accepted bioinformatics methods on a collaborative project team. [More]

2018-02-13  -  Research Data Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

Interested in applying technical or computational skills to deep questions about the human mind and mental illness? Have a background in computer science or engineering and want to make an impact on human disease while engaging with intelligent, creative colleagues at the interface of neuroscience, psychiatry, and technology?  [More]

2018-02-13  -  Computational Biologist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

We are seeking an innovative, collaborative and enthusiastic computational scientist to work on a variety of high-dimensional bioinformatics projects centered on target identification, drug discovery and translational research. The individual will integrate internal and external datasets, including next generation sequence data. [More]

2018-02-13  -  Technical Applications Scientist 1  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

As an in-house Support Scientist (Technical Applications Scientist) of Illumina products and applications, you will provide technical advice and troubleshooting assistance focusing on sample preparation and run quality analysis. As a key member of the Customer Solutions Team you will also assist in the development and improvement of key commercial processes to ensure that Illumina provides is customers with world class technical support. [More]

2018-02-13  -  Computational Scientist – Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

Job Duties : Support faculty and students in adapting computational strategies to the specific features of the HPC infrastructure. Working with a range of systems and technologies such as compute cluster, parallel file systems, high speed interconnects, GPU-based computing and database servers;Develop software and methods to explore, analyze and visualize biological data sets including genomic, imaging and protein structure data... [More]

2018-02-13  -  Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

The Gene Domain is one of the several data domains that was set up by the GSK Data CoE last year to streamline the management and governance of gene data use and re-use across R&D. It will serve as a centralized resource of gene data and associated metadata that will be accessible across GSK in a meaningful way and will accelerate discovery and de-risk development of transformational drugs. [More]

2018-02-13  -  Bioinformatics Analyst Senior  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

The Cancer Center-Core Support department is seeking a Bioinformatics Analyst Senior. This position provides high-level bioinformatics support for the Markey Cancer Center. Job duties include developing new bioinformatics methods, writing bioinformatics strategies for grant proposals, and supervising junior staff. IEBC – Internal Employee Being Considered.  [More]

2018-02-13  -  Postdoctoral Researcher in Molecular Neuro-informatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

We are seeking to appoint a Bioinformatician at the level of Postdoctoral Research Associate, to work on informatics approaches to identify the molecular mechanisms of cannabinoids and their potential therapeutic role for neurological disorders with a focus on pain. You will be a highly active member of the Cader translational neuroscience team and Webber computational biology group... [More]

2018-02-13  -  Junior Data Analyst/Developer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

Would you like to work on cutting edge research that is making a real difference in the early diagnosis and prevention of cancer? An opportunity has arisen for a Junior Data Analyst/ Developer to support the research activities of the Cancer Screening and Prevention Research Group (CSPRG) based at the St Mary’s Campus of Imperial College London, located in Paddington.  [More]

2018-02-13  -  Research Associate  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

Applications are invited to apply for a Post-doctoral Research Associates to join Professor Ken Smith's laboratory, based within the Department of Medicine. Work in the laboratory, combining human and animal data and state-of-the-art bioinformatic methodology, is currently focussed on gaining further insight into these pathways and how they may be targeted therapeutically to directly benefit patients.  [More]

2018-02-13  -  Research Associate  -    -  (Originally posted on 2018-02-13)

UCL Genetics Institute is seeking to appoint a Research Associate to join Dr Aida Andres’ research group. The post-holder will be an active member of a research project designed to investigate genetic adaptations in non-human primate species. They will be required to assist in the development of research proposals and the planning and delivery of the results... [More]

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