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As a service to the students at Texas A&M AgriLife, COALS, and Texas A&M University, we started this bioinformatics job’s page. We now have links to over 3000 jobs from groups around the world and we are adding about 50 jobs a week. In addition to the obvious reasons, we created the site to help us track the key required skills across industry and academia to insure that we are preparing our students for success. The vast majority of positions require hands on NGS experience, training in bioinformatics (NGS specific), computer science (programming, DB, HPC), statistics/machine learning, and biology/genetics training.

All material on these pages is copied and pasted from the original job posting site. You should go to the original site to apply. We provide this site as a free service, jobs are posted as a service to our students and the bioinformatics community. If you object to your job being listed here, please contact us and it will be removed immediately. To add a bioinformatics job or any corrections, please contact me.  Dr. Charlie JohnsonData archive.

We maintain this website as a service to the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology community.

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2017-07-23  -  Senior bioinformatics Scientist (163573)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-23)

This individual will play key roles in our bioinformatics tool/platform development to support R&D, marketing and company business. Work independently and collaboratively with members of bioinformatics, R&D and marketing to develop bioinformatics tools/pipelines/platforms; Data analysis on high-dimensional data sets from a wide range of sources to provide solutions to research and business... [More]

2017-07-23  -  Bioinformatics Scientist, Cancer Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-23)

We are looking for team members who are excited to make an immediate impact in a critical space. This position requires outstanding problem-solving, analytical and communication skills; experience with multitasking and prioritizing; and the tenacity to execute against deliverables in a timely, high-quality fashion. [More]

2017-07-22  -  Scientist / Senior Scientist – Computational Biology  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-23)

We are looking for a colleague with extensive experience in computational biology and human genomics. Biological interpretation of the unparalleled wealth of genetic signals requires efficient computational methods that augment our database with public or internally generated high-throughput genomic or functional data.  [More]

2017-07-22  -  Scientist (Development)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-23)

We run one of the largest genome centers in the country and with that comes the necessity to maintain the quality of our testing. This Scientist role is part of our Laboratory Operations team and is responsible for transferring technologies from R&D to production, and optimizing, validating, monitoring and troubleshooting assays.  [More]

2017-07-22  -  Principal Scientist, Computational Biology  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-23)

We are seeking an innovative, collaborative and accomplished scientist to work on a variety of computational biology and genomics projects centered on target identification and drug discovery. The individual will work on internal and external datasets, including next generation bulk and single cell sequencing data... [More]

2017-07-22  -  Software Engineer, Frontend  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-23)

Schrödinger is seeking talented JavaScript engineers to work on our collaboration platform, a single page application built using React. This platform allows drug researchers to find the next disease cure significantly more efficiently through computational methods. If you are a Frontend engineer with a passion for building beautiful, performant user experiences in the modern web browser, come join our team  [More]

2017-07-22  -  Postdoctoral Position in Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-23)

The Department of Radiation Oncology at the Washington University School of Medicine has an immediate opening for a post-doctoral research associate in bioinformatics. The researcher will work on microRNA studies by combining computational modeling with high-throughput experimental data. MicroRNAs are non-coding small RNAs that are extensively involved in many biological processes. [More]

2017-07-21  -  IT informatics specialist, Bioinformatics (165109)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

This individual will play key roles in our bioinformatics tool/platform development to support R&D, marketing and company business. Work independently and collaboratively with members of bioinformatics, R&D and marketing to develop bioinformatics/chemoinformatics tools/pipelines/platforms; Data analysis on high-dimensional data sets from a wide range of sources... [More]

2017-07-21  -  Database Manager  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Neurodevelopmental Disorders Program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) is looking for a full-time programmer with a strong background in web and database development. The candidate will be responsible for building and maintaining a web-based database used to collect clinical and genetic data from research study subjects. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Senior Software Engineer (DATA Systems)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

Logyx LLC has a full time, regular Software Engineer position available, working at NASA, in Mountain View, CA. We have excellent benefits, which includes a 401k match. Join a team working on this exciting project! The candidate in expected to contribute to the on-going development efforts and support operations on existing software platform, using full life cycle software development best practices.  [More]

2017-07-21  -  Full Stack Web Developer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Full Stack Web Developer position is responsible for development of software supporting ArcherDX’s commercial software products. This includes but is not limited to: Support and development of Archer Analysis commercial software, Support and development of Archer Assay Designer commercial software, and support and development of infrastructure to support commercial software products. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Bioinformatics Scientist or Intern  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

We want somebody who either has bioinformatics background, or strong computational background, willing to rapidly climb the bioinformatics pipeline learning curve. We'll put a premium on people who know bluefuse, and want to make stuff like bluefuse, or who have experience with variant calling on low DNA quantities. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Bioinformatics Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

We seek a talented and independent individual with extensive expertise in machine learning and bioinformatics to join our team. This individual will play a key scientific role in expanding and developing Sinopia’s computational platform. They will leverage new computational strategies and disparate data types to better understand drug safety and repurpose drugs for unmet medical needs. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Director, Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Director, Bioinformatics will be a key member of Inari’s expanding leadership team and will play a critical role in shaping the company’s strategic direction. The ideal candidate will be a recognized leader in crop data analytics as evidenced by publications in top tier journals, presentations at international meetings and a track record of transformational contributions to the field. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Scientific Consultant/Field Application Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

We are looking for a Scientific Consultant / Field Application Scientist within our Genedata Screener business unit. This position offers an exciting opportunity to support, shape, and promote a successful, cutting-edge software system. You will experience a high level of interactivity and responsibility in a growing company, and the opportunity to work as part of a strong global team.  [More]

2017-07-21  -  R (Shiny) App Developer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Clinical Pharmacology and Computational Biology team for a clinical-stage biotechnology company is seeking a contract R Shiny App Developer to apply quantitative approaches to explore dosing regimens of novel drug candidates. The candidate will develop R-based models and R Shiny-based tools to enhance application of modeling and simulation in drug development decision making. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Customer Insight Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

This job presents the opportunity to work in a strategically important analytics team of understanding and driving business performance and customer value for Ancestry DNA and subscription business. Working with members of Product, Marketing, Marketing research, Data Science, Data engineering and Financial planning teams... [More]

2017-07-21  -  Principal Computational Biologist-17000VLE  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Computational Biologist will be driving collaborations in translational and clinical research. You will report into and work closely with the Head of Precision Medicine Analytics to interpret patient profiles of cancer-related multi-omics samples, population studies, clinical trials, longitudinal analysis, and pathway-based analysis to inform clinicians and translational researchers about potential therapies, biomarkers and intervention points during the course of cancer treatment. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Bioinformatician  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Institute of Translational Genomics is seeking to hire a bioinformatician or “informatics specialist for bioinformatics” to work with members of the Institute of Translational Genomics in the development of pipelines a new Next-Generation Sequencing Center to service the Keck School of Medicine, the University of Southern California (USC), and its affiliates.  [More]

2017-07-21  -  Research Scientist – Li Lab  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

Dr. Sheng Li’s lab at JAX-GM is seeking exceptional scientists who are interested in studying cancer epigenomics using large-scale genomics datasets. The Li Lab focuses on combining computational approaches and high throughput datasets to uncover novel mechanisms that contribute to drug resistance and cancer evolution. [More]

2017-07-21  -  Senior Scientist II, Bioinformatics-1705083  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

As part of a talented and multi-disciplinary team advancing an exciting new approach to drug discovery and development, the successful candidate will be expected to contribute to the team, leveraging his/her experience in genomics by participating in the development / application of strategies and techniques for genomics, transcriptomics, network and pathways based data analysis and hypothesis generation.  [More]

2017-07-21  -  Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Bioinformatics Analyst will provide analysis support for the diverse range of biological data generated by research groups at The Rockefeller University. Responsibilities include communicating bioinformatics analysis to students, postdoctoral trainees, research scientists and principle investigators, ensuring the validity and reliability of data and methods at all times, and maintaining accurate and complete records of all analysis projects.  [More]

2017-07-21  -  Research Associate  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The Miller Laboratory at the University of Virginia seeks highly motivated and talented postdoctoral research associate with a background in bioinformatics or computer science to investigate the genetic basis of coronary artery disease (and other related diseases). This project will focus on the integration of large-scale human genetic and multi-omic datasets... [More]

2017-07-21  -  Scientific Support Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

We are looking for a Scientific Support Analyst to support our data commons platforms. Alongside our team of experts in systems administration, software development, and bioinformatics, you will join a support team dedicated to operations of our platforms that enable data sharing in the scientific research community.  [More]

2017-07-21  -  Bioinformatics Scientist, Microarray Analysis  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-21)

The successful candidate will be responsible for project management, data analysis, documentation, and deliverable preparation for various scientific services projects with different applications, such as whole genome and/or targeting genotyping, copy number variation assays, and gene expression. [More]

2017-07-20  -  Bioinformatics Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

Responsibilities: Work collaboratively with bench scientists, comprehend project objectives, evaluate and provide informatics solutions; Develop and implement bioinformatics analyses, applications, and workflows Integrate statistical analysis to project design and data interpretations;Work closely with IT specialists to build robust infrastructure Support company intellectual property management ... [More]

2017-07-20  -  Software Quality Engineer – Computational Biology  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

At 10x Genomics, we want ambitious, talented software engineers to join us in building revolutionary DNA sequencing technology. Our multi-disciplinary team in microfluidics, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, computational biology, and software has a proven track record of delivering successful commercial products built on deep technological innovation. [More]

2017-07-20  -  Computational Biologist: Product Development  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

10x is looking for an outstanding individual to join its Computational Biology group. This person will lead the development of analytical frameworks and computational methods for investigating the error modes of all components of the core technology and the impact of these on application performance. These analyses will drive the prioritization of technology development within the company. [More]

2017-07-20  -  Computational Biologist: Algorithm Development  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

10x is looking for an outstanding individual to join its Computational Biology group. This position is a unique opportunity to work on a new form of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data that enables many previously unachievable applications. This person will: (1) lead the development of algorithms that use 10x Linked-Read data to solve difficult genomics problems... [More]

2017-07-20  -  Associate Project Manager  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

Under the direct supervision of the Director of the Multiscale Translational Research (MSTR) Core, the Research Project Manager - MSTR collaborates with principal investigators and research administration staff to develop, coordinate, and facilitate the research activities of the MSTR.  [More]

2017-07-20  -  Software Engineer in Test  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

The Software Engineer in Test in the Center for Data Intensive Science will work with cloud computing infrastructure primarily based on OpenStack to architect and implement quality assurance practices. Works in Linux-based systems in Python and some C/C++, Go and various web programming. Solves complex problems and performs at a high technical level in programming activities.  [More]

2017-07-20  -  Programmer Analyst II  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

The Center for Applied Molecular Medicine (CAMM) at the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of the University of Southern California is looking for a Scientific Programmer/Programmer Analyst II to complement its Data Management and Analytics team.  [More]

2017-07-20  -  Sr Data Scientist  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

You’ll be working at the keystone of a biotech startup. As our Sr Data Scientist you’ll communicate scientific discovery with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and universities. You will rapidly prototype applications of methods and signals to new problem domains to evaluate if there is synergy between our technology and business. [More]

2017-07-20  -  Senior IT Developer with Python  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

We are currently seeking a Senior IT Developer with Python for our client in the Healthcare domain. We value our professionals, providing comprehensive benefits, exciting challenges, and the opportunity for growth. This is a Permanent position and the client is looking for someone to start immediately. [More]

2017-07-20  -  DevOps Engineer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

You will work with global teams on bioinformatics challenges. Main functions include heading up the Linux infrastructure of high performance computing clusters (HPC) and GPFS data storage to advance enterprise data analysis.  [More]

2017-07-20  -  Senior Department Systems Engineer- Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

Job Duties: Works to identify and propose innovative and creative solutions that enhance or increase the efficiency of the services provided by Information Resources to the campus community;Performs complex network troubleshooting at the server host level, using associated tools, i.e. network traces;Works with operating system security components, both with identifying potential vulnerabilities and remediating said vulnerabilities where applicable...  [More]

2017-07-20  -  NGS Application Manager/ Bioinformatics Analyst  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

The Bioinformatics Core Services (BiCS) Team is looking for an NGS Application Manager/Data Analyst. The NGS Application Manager / Data Analyst will have two primary roles – (a) Manage Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis tools and pipelines in a High-Performance Computing (HPC) Linux cluster environment, and (b) parameterize and survey commercial, open source or proprietary software to assess feasibility for various applications. [More]

2017-07-20  -  Bioinformatics Scientist II  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

NanoString is seeking an experienced and technology-savvy Bioinformatics Scientist/Developer to join our Research & Development group. This position will have a leading role in developing NGS tools and pipelines for use with Hyb & SeqTM, a novel single-molecule hybridization-based next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. [More]

2017-07-20  -  Analyst/Programmer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

The purpose of this position is to provide comprehensive analysis of next-generation sequencing data to customers of the Genomics Research Center (GRC). Our interactive bioinformatics team is focused on fast turn-around of highly reproducible results using state-of-the-art analytical methods and proper handling of large quantities of sequencing data.  [More]

2017-07-20  -  Principal Scientist Computational Biology, Immune Oncology (IO)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated Computational Biologist/Bioinformatics Scientist to develop and implement computational immune oncology (IO) methods supporting the discovery of novel immune oncology targets and biomarkers. The scientist will work closely with the immune oncology research team, developing methods for the analysis of immune phenotyping data from pre-clinical models and clinical samples. [More]

2017-07-20  -  POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLAR  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

University of Iowa Health Care, Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Occupational MedicineStatistical Bioinformatics Lab is seeking candidates for two postdoctoral research scholar positions to work on sequencing analyses... [More]

2017-07-20  -  Bioinformatics Technical Staff (14923)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

The Bioengineering Systems and Technology group works on a wide range of topics including numerous biological and medical applications. The group is in search of a creative individual to support and expand the Laboratory’s engineered biosystems portfolio through management of current technical efforts and innovative development of novel program concepts. [More]

2017-07-20  -  Postdoctoral Research Fellow  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-20)

The Newman Lab, in the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and the Department of Biomedical Data Science at Stanford University, is seeking highly creative and driven postdoctoral fellows interested in working at the intersection of biomedical data science and cancer/stem cell biology. [More]

2017-07-19  -  Research Associate Bioinformatics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-19)

A Research Associate position in Computational Biology is available in the COBRE Laboratory for Bioinformatics under the direction of Prof. Sujoy Ghosh at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA.  [More]

2017-07-19  -  Computational Biologist I  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-19)

The bioinformatics engineer will work with an expanding team of research, clinical and computational investigators working in cancer genomics with a focus on blood and pediatric malignancies. Our mission is to establish a fully integrated research program that coordinates basic scientific discovery, early-phase clinical trials, and drug development. [More]

2017-07-19  -  Bioinformatician (Fixed Term)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-19)

Cambridge Centre for Proteomics is currently looking to recruit an experienced post-doctoral bioinformatician within its core facility unit. The successful candidate will be required to analyse high-throughput proteomics datasets using numerous proteomic software packages (e.g. Proteome Discover, Scaffold and Mascot) and apply multiple statistical tests to datasets. [More]

2017-07-19  -  Postdoctoral Researcher – Functional Genomics  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-19)

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Postdoctoral Researcher with experience in Functional Genomics to work at the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute, University of Oxford. The successful candidate will work on projects spanning basic and clinical investigations, resulting in high profile collaborative publications. [More]

2017-07-19  -  Bioinformatician / Scientific Programmer  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-19)

We are looking for a bioinformatician to integrate value-added information on enzymes and catalytic binding sites with the PDB structure data and make it available programmatically and via PDBe website. The tasks for this post include: to identify the data that will be integrated into PDBe infrastructure and define formats and ontologies for its standardisation...  [More]

2017-07-19  -  Bioinformatics Expert (f/m)  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-19)

At our subsidiary in Goettingen, we have an exciting opportunity for a dedicated and professional Bioinformatics Expert (f/m) with a keen interest in finding and validating potential targets for medical treatment in different therapeutic areas. [More]

2017-07-19  -  Varroa Project Lead  -    -  (Originally posted on 2017-07-19)

Varroa Project Lead for Chesterfield, MO to support product development for honey bee health & disease protection products; coordinate research strategies, laboratory experiments & honey bee field testing; identify & establish new experimental locations; meet product advancement guidelines; negotiate & forecast field trial budgets; select internal & external contractors... [More]

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