PoreCamp USA

In collaboration with CVM, we are putting a short course on a minION sequencing (handheld sequencer).  Five of the top researchers working in this area will be coming to College Station in June and we are now in the process of recruiting students. http://www.txgen.tamu.edu/porecamp_usa/

PoreCamp is part of the PoreCamp series,  This series was founded by Nick Loman, Matt Loose and Mick Watson in 2015 and has been run as a 1-week hands-on course led by Nick, Matt, Josh Quick, Justin O’Grady and John Tyson. It is a training bootcamp based around Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT) MinION sequencing system. The workshop will be a unique opportunity to learn about this exciting sequencing platform (Oxford Nanopore Technolgie sequencing technology) from some of the leading experts in the field – Drs. Nick Loman, Josh Quick, Matt Loose, John Tyson, and Mick Watson are all coming to Aggieland! All are featured speakers at ONT’s annual user group meeting, London Call 2017 conference

  • Workshop dates: 5 – 9 June 2017
  • Limited number of students can attend (36)
  • 5 day hands-on training in the use of the Oxford Nanopore MinION
  • Including both laboratory and bioinformatics training
  • Workshop shall be held at CBGSE

Camp Objectives

  • To develop best wet-lab practices to produce high-quality MinION libraries
  • To provide hands-on experience running MinION on your own computer.
  • To discover data-handling methods for MinION output.
  • To discuss the latest bioinformatic methods for analysis of real-time nanopore data.

Funding for this course was provided by AgriLife’s Vector Borne Disease program and CVM.