AgriLife Genomics of Plant Water Use Seed Grant

We would like to announce the AgriLife Genomics of Plant Water Use RFP and invite you to participate.

The Goal of this RFP is to provide preliminary genomic data and bioinformatics analysis for AgriLife Scientists studying plant water relations. This program is meant to broadly include research focused toward abiotic/biotic factors (heat, drought, brackish water, plant physiology, plant architecture, etc.) impacting plant water use and the genomic basis of those mechanisms or phenotypes.

The program will fund 10-15 projects. Each project shall include $10-20,000 in next generation sequencing and 6-12 months of bioinformatics analysis support through the Texas A&M’s Center for Bioinformatics and Genomics Systems Engineering. The program is part of the Texas A&M Systems genomic seed grant program that includes a total of $1.3M in funding for genomics research (Link).

Who should apply?

•           All faculty who are currently not using NGS technologies for the study of plant/water relations but want to start using this technology, or faculty of established NGS programs that want to expand into new areas or applications. As a seed grant program, funds should not be requested to incrementally extend current research.
•           Disciple-wide and Interdisciplinary teams – This RFP is an opportunity to generate that primary data needed to facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations.
•           Past seed grant participation does not exclude you from applying for this RFP.

Due Date: Proposals are due no later than 5:00 PM on December 19, 2013.