October 6, 2015

How do I start a study?

Starting your Journey

The first step to begin a new sequencing project or research collaboration is to contact our Director,  Dr. Charlie Johnson.  We will then work with you to design your  study and help you address the following questions that will be needed to generate a scope-or-work, project number and quote.

  1. PI
    1. Name
    2. Institution
    3. Department
    4. Mailing address
    5. Email
    6. Phone number
    7. Website if you have one
  2. Experimental hypothesis you desire to test or goal in doing this project
  3. Time frame for the study
  4. Sample type (DNA, RNA, Amplicon, Library…)
  5. Number of samples
  6. Library prep method
  7. Machine (HiSeq NovaSeq, 4000,2500, 2500R, MiSeq, PacBio Sequel)
  8. Read length
  9. Single or Paired-end
  10. Numbers of Lanes, or SMRT cells
  11. PI contact information and billing address

The two most common questions we are asked are “How much will it cost” and “What is your turn around time”. The answer to both is it depends. To get best price to address the experimental question the best thing to do is contact us. As far as how long will your study take to process that is difficult to estimate without knowing what you want to do. Also during the project planning phase if you let us know you are in a hurry we can recommend the best route to insure you project is not delayed. Link

Price of Sequencing

Questions related to your samples, or the submission process please contact Dr. Rick Metz.
Sample Submission Instructions