Recruiting key leadership position within AgriLife TxGen

Recruiting for a key leadership position as part of our new Illumina NovaSeq service team. We are looking to fill a critical need within our facility for a senior person with experience in NGS research, loves working with people, and has had experience in industry or a leadership position in an academic research service.  Apply on line:

Job description:

Working closely with the unit director, serves as direct unit representative to internal and external collaborators and clients, setting deliverables and client expectations for project. Uses expert domain knowledge in communications to build and promote the positive reputation of the AgriLife Genomics and Bioinformatics Service with clients world-wide. Responds effectively and with sufficient detail to quote requests or requests for information prior to the initiation of a project. Communicates directly to clients about the progress of jobs, sample input requirements, experimental considerations, interpretation of performance metrics and other information related to the service and its deliverables. Assists the Director with negotiations and implementation of large service projects or grants, contributing strategic analysis, planning, documentation and follow-up. Coordinates with the director, laboratory director and sequencing director to design, develop, test and market new research services or improvements to the client deliverables. Helps determine the potential demand for new services as well as the specifications that will meet client needs and expectations. Solicits and tracks client feedback on specific areas to collect both subjective and objective measures of facility performance. Responds to client complaints and suggestions, effectively engaging in troubleshooting in coordination with core staff and other stakeholders. Contributes to the implementation of improved quality assurance procedures to support a service business. Helps develop metrics of the facility’s performance in terms of the service business operations, laboratory functions, and research/scientific milestones achieved on behalf of the clients. Implements quality policies to improve business and client support functions. Develops, scopes and implements short-term and long-term strategic plans in coordination with the director and facility directors, helping build the brand and positive reputation of the center. Performs outreach and gives presentations both within and external to the university to raise awareness of the unit and to solicit new projects. Creates documentation and training materials for clients and prospective clients.

Significant business background and experience conducting scientific research that includes methods and technologies associated with genomics. Experience with next generation sequencing technology.

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