September 24, 2012

Research Highlights

Illumina NovaSeq 6000 sites around the world

Map of TxGen Collaborates from around the world

TxGen Photos

Genomics across Texas A&M AgriLife/COALS

TxGen One Pager

Center for Bioinformatics and Genomic Systems Engineering (CBGSE) – A Texas A&M center focused on Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology Research and Education

Mangkey Bounpheng, PhD –  Molecular Diagnostics Section Head TVMDL

Michael Criscitiello, PhDImmunology and Evolution

Jorge DaSilva, PhD Plant Breeding / marker assisted selection

Scott Dindot, PhD – Genetics and Epigenetics underlying phenotypic variation and disease

 Thomas Ioerger, PhD – Pioneering the use of AI in Bioinformatics, focused on protein sequence alignments, molecular modeling, X-ray crystallography, and next generation sequencing.

James Sacchettini, PhD – Using structural biology to tackle fundamental issues in health and development of translational solutions. Sequenced over 850 Mycobacterium species.

Sorghum Genomics Project – Genetic mapping of agronomically important trait loci in sorghum for map-based gene isolation and marker-assisted selection.

AgriLife Wheat Breeding Team – Pinpointing the molecular mechanisms within wheat to improve yield, drought tolerance, insect and disease resistance and quality. Wheat Trials

National Natural Toxins Research Center has a mission to provide global research, training & resources that will lead to the discovery of medically important toxins found in snake venoms.

More to come (over 1000 served)