April 5, 2017

Illumina NovaSeq Club

List of Illumina NovaSeq sites based on news stories, press releases and tweets. If we missed your system please let us know, or if I listed your site in error (mail).

During #AGBT18:    285 NovaSeq and 150 Sites worldwide.

Illumina NovaSeq Sites

  1. AGRF (2) (AU)
  2. Alliance Global Group (UAE) (4)
  3. Annoroad (China)
  4. Ashion (USA)
  5. Baylor College of Medicine (USA)
  6. Biohub (USA)
  7. Bioscientia (Germany)
  8. Blueprint Genetics (Finland)
  9. Broad Institute (USA)
  10. Cambridge Epigenetix (UK)
  11. CEN4GEN Institute for Genomics and Molecular Diagnostics (Ca)
  12. Center for Genomics and Transcriptomics (CeGaT)(2nd Germany)
  13. Centre Léon Berard, Lyon, France
  14. Centre National de Recherche en Génomique Humaine (France)
  15. Centro nacional de análisis genómico (Spain)
  16. Crick Institute, UK*
  17. Colorado University (USA)
  18. Columbia University Institute for Genomic Medicine (USA)
  19. Deakin University (Australia)
  20. Department of Health and Human Services (USA)
  21. DNA Link Sequencing Lab (Korea)
  22. Duke University (USA)
  23. Edinburgh Genomics (First in Scotland, 2nd UK)
  24. Earlham Institute (UK)
  25. FIMM at University of Helsinki (Finland)
  26. Fulgent Genetics (USA)
  27. Functional Genomics Center Zurich (Switzerland) (tweet)
  28. Garvan Institute of Medical (Au)
  29. GeT Genotoul (France)
  30. GeneDX (USA) Link
  31. Genetico Center of Genetics and Reproductive Medicine (RU)
  32. Genomic and RNA Profiling Core (BCM) (USA)
  33. Genomics Core at Cancer Research UK– Cambridge Institute*
  34. Genomics Core Leuven (2) (Belgium)
  35. Genomics Medicine Ireland, Dublin (First in Ireland) (news)
  36. Genome7 (First in Spain)
  37. GENOTOUL (Fr)
  38. Ginkgo Bioworks (USA)
  39. Hartwig Medical Foundation, Netherlands
  40. Human Longevity (USA)
  41. HZI Braunschweig (Germany)*
  42. HudsonAlpha (3 will have 10) (USA) tweet
  43. Institute of Cancer Research, First in UK.
  44. Integrative Genomics & Modelling of Metabolic Disease (First in France)
  45. Intermountain Healthcare Precision Genomics (2, plans for 3 more) (USA)
  46. Invitae (USA)
  47. JGI (USA)
  48. John Hopkins University (USA)*
  49. KU Leuven (Belgium)
  50. Larrasa Laboratories (Spain)
  51. LifeOmic (link) (2) (USA)
  52. McDonnell Genome Institute (USA)
  53. Macrogen (KOR)
  54. Mayo Clinic (USA)*
  55. Medical College of Wisconsin (USA)
  56. MedGenome  (USA)
  57. MENA (Saudi Arabia) (3)
  58. Miami Cancer Institute (USA)*
  59. MNG Laboratories (USA) (news)
  60. Mount Sinai (USA)
  61. Munich Leukemia Lab (Germany)
  62. National Cancer Institute (USA) (3)*
  63. National Genomics Infrastructure, Sweden
  64. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (USA)
  65. National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (India)
  66. Newcastle University Genomic Core (UK) 
  67. New York Genome Center (5) (USA)
  68. NGX Bio (USA)
  69. Novogene (25) / CloudHealth Genomics (CN)
  70. NYU Langone Genome Technology Center (USA)
  71. OICR Genomics (#1 in Canada)
  72. OMRF  Clinical Genomics Center (USA) (Link)
  73. Penn State College of Medicine (USA)
  74. PerkinElmer Genomics (10) (USA) link
  75. Personalis, Inc. (10) (USA)
  76. Purdue University (USA)
  77. RadboudUMC, Human Genetics (Netherlands)
  78. Rady Children’s Hospital (USA) (3 NovaSeq)
  79. Ramaciotti Centre (AU)
  80. Regeneron (other news) (USA)
  81. RICKEN (Japan)
  82. Rigshospitalet (Danmark)
  83. Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center (USA)
  84. Sanger Institute (UK)*
  85. SciLifeLab (Stockholm)
  86. SeqMatic (USA)
  87. Sema4 (USA)
  88. Sloan Kettering (USA)
  89. Takara Bio (Japan)(Link to PDF)
  90. Texas A&M AgriLife Research (install) (USA) First Agriculture focused & Land Grant University
  91. Tgen (USA)
  92. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  93. Tron Mainz (Germany)
  94. UCLA (USA)
  95. UC San Francisco (USA)
  96. USC Keck School of Medicine (USA)
  97. UMCCR University of Melbourne (AU)
  98. Uniformed Services University (2) (USA)
  99. University of Helsinki (Finland)
  100. University of Kansas Medical Center (USA)
  101. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (USA)
  102. University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) (Netherlands)
  103. University of Michigan (USA)
  104. University of Minnesota Genomics Center (USA)
  105. University of Texas at Arlington, North Texas Genome Center (5)(USA)
  106. UPMC Genome Center, Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
  107. U.S. Army 59th Medical Wing, Clinical Research (USA)
  108. UZ Leuven (Belgium)
  109. Van Andel Institute (USA)
  110. Vanderbilt University of Medicine (USA)
  111. Virginia Tech Genomics Sequencing Center (USA)
  112. Walter Reed Medical Hospital (USA)*
  113. Washington University School of Medicine (USA)
  114. Yale Center for Genome Analysis and Yale-New Haven Hospital (2) (USA)

*The site is listed based on personal communication with someone with knowledge of the site.

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