New NovaSeq Pricing (Oct, 2019)

In our continuing commitment to the Aggie core value of excellence, Texas A&M AgriLife Genomic and Bioinformatics Service is pleased to announce our new NovaSeq pricing. We have recently added a 2nd Illumina NovaSeq system to our facility. As a consequence, we are able to offer researchers a significant reduction in the cost of sequencing.  For example, a study conducted using the NovaSeq S4 2X150 will see up to a 66% decrease in sequencing cost when compared to the HiSeq 4000 platform, for the same amount of data generated. Texas A&M AgriLife has crashed through the $1,000 human genome barrier. We can now sequence humans or human size genomes, for $800 including library prep. Or when simple genotyping is sufficient, we have combined our sequencing savings with low cost library prep and machine learning based analysis, leading to our ultra-low coverage genotyping-via-sequencing (AgSeq) workflow. Which has allows us to drop the price of whole genome based genotyping by as much as 40 fold for some applications. We expect this to become a significant part of the agrigenomic tool kit going forward.

Additionally, we have also added the NovaSeq S-Prime 2X250 flow cell, which for the cost of an Illumina 2X300 miSeq run, will generate 8 times as much long read Illumina data.

The Illumina NovaSeq now has eight different flow cells combinations which range in length from 1X100, 2X50, 2X100, 2×150, and 2X250 basepair.  With a range of total output from 400M reads on the SP XP lane up to 10,000M using the S4 flow cell reads. The flexibility of the NovaSeq system allows researchers to balance their need for fast turn around time and costs. If your study is not large enough to fill a flow cell or lane, that is not a problem. We specialize in both small and large projects and have a wealth of knowledge in multiplex across multiple studies, so that one run might have a mixture of 10s of studies on one flow cell. We have successfully combined over 1000 samples using the latest in indexing technology (UDI), with plans to add many more UDIs to our tool box to better assist faculty. As a PerkinElmer Center of Excellence we work closely with the PerkinElmer automation and NGS products teams. As part of this relationship we have been able to significantly lowering the cost of our library preparation and we expect to have exciting news related to library prep(s) in the coming weeks. For library prep, we currently have capacity to process 150,000-200,000 samples per year.

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