Senior Software Developer

Job ID: 000434E
Job date: 2018-03-20
End Date:

Company : eClinicalWorks 

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Role : Technician 

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Develop, code, test, implementation and maintenance of the software for eClinicalWorks' EMR products; Install EMR products including end-to-end development in Visual Basic, .NET, Java, and J2EE(design, coding, bug fixing, installation, maintenance of multiple feature areas);Develop and write computer programs for storing, locating and retrieving data and information; Develop a system that can run within various medical practices or their hosted data center; Develop and support devise module using VB6.0, Java and MySQL as backend and architecture for the next generation of EMR features; Design an application for Target that allows the doctors to manage the patient's charges that they owe to the patient and claim the insurances; Develop an interface for the Planned Parenthood. A scheduled interface reads the images from the GE Ultrasound device and attaches the data with the patient's record in the ECW EMR; Develop Exception Error Report functionality in the ECW EMR that facilitates the doctors to manage the exception images; Develop a project for QRS to integrate the Office Medic EKG device with the ECW EMR; Correct errors by making appropriate changes and then rechecking the program to ensure that the desired results are produced; Conduct trial runs of programs and software applications to be sure they will produce the desired information and that the instructions are correct; Consult with managerial, engineering, and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, and suggest changes and; Manage user support to improve productivity of EMR systems for customers, including recommending technology and hardware upgrades for optimal use of software solutions; Write or contribute to instructions or manuals to guide end users.

Masters degree or foreign equivalent in computer science, engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Bioinformatics, information management system or related field plus one (1) year of experience in Software Industry. Position also requires knowledge of J2EE and SQL Server. Employer will accept one (1) year of experience pre or post Master's degree. Employer will accept knowledge of J2EE and SQL Server pre or post Masters Degree.

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Please reference Job Number #000434E when sending resumes. Please mail resumes to: HR, eClinicalWorks, LLC, 2 Technology Drive, Westborough, MA 01581.

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