Launching new NovaSeq Service. up to 40% reduction in cost of sequencing

2018 was a landmark sequencing year for and this year is shaping up to be even bigger. We added a 2nd NovaSeq to meet the growing demand and in collaboration with are slashing total sequencing project costs by 40%, or more for 2019. We were named a Center of Excellence by PerkinElmer.  We will be coming out with a new price list shortly. The NovaSeq has four types of Flowcells and two type of lane layouts, with read length ranging from 1×100, 2×50, 2×100, 2×150, and 2×150.  Producing as little as 120GB of date per lane, to 3000GB for a whole S4 flow cell.

March 27th we will be moving to our new lab in the Centque building in the research park on campus, near the Bush School.

Effective March 19th we are retiring the Illumina HiSeq 2500 as part of our move, the 2500 has been a workhorse for us but with the very high service contract cost and the lack of use we decided to trade it in as part of our new NovaSeq purchase.