June 2, 2017

PoreCamp USA 2017 – Captain’s log



Captain’s log

A lot of photos of PoreCamp USA. You can find a lot more in Twitter #PoreCampUsa.


June 10th 2017

The College Station news paper wrote another story on PoreCampUSA yesterday [here]


June 9th 2017

Charlie Johnson‏ says: #PoreCampUSA 2017 class photo. @BioMickWatson @pathogenomenick @mattloose @DrT1973 @AgriLifeTODAY @nanopore [Twitter]

John Tyson‏ says: Huge thanks to everyone that came to #PoreCampUSA! Great to meet you all and huge thanks to @BioMath and the fantastic @TXGEN team!! :0)) [Twitter]

Noushin says: Not a si fi movie scene anymore! Sequencing on the site for real exciting #PorecampUSA @jesterkingbeer @TXGEN @AgriLifeTODAY #beerseq [Twitter]

Tyler says: Library prep in the field @jesterkingbeer #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]

Heather says: prepping a minION library using some high tech equipment for sequencing at Jester King Brewery. #PoreCampUSA @jesterkingbeer [Twitter]


Matt‏ says: Sequencing beer on a beer barrel at a brewery #porecampusa [Twitter]

Mick Watson‏ says: Sequencing @jesterkingbeer as part of #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]

June 8th 2017

Caitlin Curry‏ says: : Today we’re sequencing a lion to see how well aDNA & @nanopore get along. We have a plan and no far so good! [Twitter]

Charlie Johnson‏ says: Team “Brisket” learning sequencing on the minION @nanopore , Day 4 #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]

Charlie Johnson says: a great tweet from Oxford [Twitter]

Anne-Lise Ducluzeau‏ says: #PoreCampUSA #TXGEN Day3 John Tyson on @nanopore direct RNA sequencing – New era for transcriptomics [Twitter]

Francisco says: Sequencing day! #porecampusa @mattloose [Twitter]

Charlie Johnson says: “When your alignment is still running and you have to make it to class.” #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]

Charlie Johnson says: Team “Whole Hog” hard at work learning library preparation @nanopore , Day 4 #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]


Charlie Johnson says: The College Station news paper wrote a story on PoreCampUSA yesterday [here]


Lisa Cohen‏ says: For generating ultra long reads, gDNA extraction > library prep > sequencing – talk by @Scalene #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]


June 7th 2017

Matt says: Going large in Texas – two minIONs one mac… #porecampusa [Twitter]

Charlie Johnson says: Kicking off Day 3 of #PoreCampUSA with some VM fun. Amazing group from around the country, what took weeks to set up was reset up in an hour [Twitter]


Charlie Johnson‏ says: Charlotte was the Ribs Group’s DNA library prep queen. #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]

June 6th 2017

David Catoe‏ says: Smartphone #DNA sequencer #smidgion from #oxfordnanoporetechnogies at #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]

Charlie Johnson‏ says: Lunch time lecture by @mattloose #PoreCampUSA Day 2 [Twitter]

Noushin Ghaffari‏ says: Amazing bioinformatics teaching @TXGEN #PoreCampUSA by @BioMickWatson @pathogenomenick.Thanks @mattdotvaughn @beckbw @CyVerseOrg @TACC 4 HPC [Twitter]

Caitlin Curry says: Oh the sequencing excitement!!!! #PoreCampUSA [Twitter]

Lisa Cohen says: We’re all standing around in anticipation 🙂 [Twitter]

Lisa Cohen says: PoreCamp USA gets started with @biomickwatson in Texas style [Twitter]

Mick Watson

Charlie Johnson says: More sequencing until questions for @mattloose #PoreCampUSA – More Pizza has arrive! [Twitter]

After a long day of teaching at #PoreCampUSA our heroes walk into the sunset… then back to the lab till the wee hours to prep for Day Two [Twitter]


June 5th 2017

Caitlin Curry‏ says: “I reckon this panel knows a thing or two” [Twitter]

Charlie Johnson‏ says: Final setup and @nanopore minION flow cell QC before #PoreCamp starts later today. [Twitter]

June 4th 2017

Charlie Johnson‏ says: PorePoreCamp dinner, fun had by all. [Twitter]

Getting ready to roll at PoreCampUS, starting tomorrow!




June 2nd 2017

The t-shirts arrived!

June 2nd 2017

The starter kits are here! if you want it today. Then come to our lab before 4pm today. If not then we will bring them to the vet school Monday.

June 1st 2017

Food is ready for PoreCamp 2017

May 24th 2017

Joshua Hill is getting the sequencing workstations set up. Three flavors of OS

May 9th 2017

Besides the BBQ, the last day Friday will be sequencing at Jester King. Rick Metz and I went there last week and took samples from around the brewery. The folks at Jester King are amazing and we need to be greatful for their generous hospitality. They will be opening up the brewery early on Friday so that we can sequence on site






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