May 19, 2017

PoreCamp USA 2017 – Timetable



Monday June 5th

Starts Ends Activity Location
09:00 Van pick up Lot 30a
09:00 10:30 Registration Veterinary Medicine Building
10:30 11:30 Vet School Tour Vet School
11:30 13:00 Lunch – Jason’s Deli – Talk by (Mick Watson)
Room 101B VENI
13:00 17:30 Lectures PoreCamp Room 101B VENI
17:30 18:30 PoreCampUSA Reception
Cash Bar
Veterinary Medicine Building
3rd floor
18:30 19:30 Dinner VBM3rd floor
19:30 20:00 Panel Discussion VBM3rd floor

Tuesday June 6th

Starts Ends Brisket Ribs Whole Hog Location
08:00 Van Pick Up Lot 30a
08:00 12:00 Bioinformatics Library Prep Sequencing TxGen
12:00 13:30 Lunch – Pizza
Understanding event calling and MinION data (Matt Loose)
 13:30 18:30 Bioinformatics Library Prep Sequencing TxGen

Wednesday June 7th

Starts Ends Brisket Ribs Whole Hog Location
08:00 Van Pick Up Lot 30a
08:30 12:00 Library Prep Sequencing Bioinformatics TxGen
12:00 13:30 Lunch – Free Birds
 MinION Running (John Tyson)
 13:30 18:30 Library Prep  Sequencing Bioinformatics TxGen

Thursday June 8th

Starts Ends Brisket Ribs Whole Hog Location
08:00 Van Pick Up Lot 30a
08:30 12:00 Sequencing Bioinformatics Library Prep TxGen
12:00 13:30 Lunch – Blue Backers
Deploying a portable nanopore sequencing system (Josh Quick)
 13:30 18:30 Sequencing Bioinformatics Library Prep TxGen

Friday June 9th

Starts Ends Activity Location
 8:00 Van Pick Up Lot 30a
08:30 12:00 Final Day of PoreCamp TxGen
12:00 15:00 Take Bus to Jester King – Box Lunch On the Road Again
15:00 21:00 OnSite Sequencing at Jester King – Dinner from Salt Lick (a) Jester King – Austin
21:00 23:30 Head Back to College Station Lot 30a/TxGen

(a) The plan is we’ll order BBQ from there and then bring back to Jester king to eat.


9:00-10:30am Monday

Monday meeting location – Registration front entrance lobby

Address: 660 Raymond Stotzer Parkway



AgriLife Genomics and Bioinformatics Service
101 Gateway, Suite A
College Station TX 77845

Lab Phone: (979) 862-2143

If you are going south on Highway 6 (from TAMU), take the Nantucket exit and make a U-turn under the bridge to get onto the northbound HW6 feeder road. From the feeder road make a right turn into our complex, take the right immediately after passing the business park entrance (Gateway Blvd). We are located in Suite A of this building, which is on the right hand side.

Please park in the front of the building.

What to bring

  • Yourself
  • A modern laptop (this will not be used for MinIon sequencing, but rather to connect to resources to analyze MinIon data). Just in case, please also bring an Ethernet cable and adaptor if required.
  • Your favorite lab coat if you have one (we will be able to provide one if needed)
  • Pens, markers and something suitable for use as a lab-book
  • DNA to registration (if you have some you want to work with)

Contact information

Charlie Johnson: Cell: +1 979 436-1485
Rick Metz (man with the van): +1 979 777-7518
Gail Martian: +1 979 255-2086 Office: 979-862-3262





[1] John Towns, Timothy Cockerill, Maytal Dahan, Ian Foster, Kelly Gaither, Andrew Grimshaw, Victor Hazlewood, Scott Lathrop, Dave Lifka, Gregory D. Peterson, Ralph Roskies, J. Ray Scott, Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, “XSEDE: Accelerating Scientific Discovery“, Computing in Science & Engineering, vol.16, no. 5, pp. 62-74, Sept.-Oct. 2014, doi:10.1109/MCSE.2014.80